There so many good quality industrial gearbox manufacturers from all around the world that being able to source the correct unit for your machine can be quite a chore.

YB Components can make the task much easier as we have been sourcing these products for many years and shipping them from our local stocks to companies all around the UK and the world.

We source products made by many of the more popular gearboxes and geared motor manufacturers such as Bauer, Heynau, Li-Ming, Pujol, Spaggiari and Zurrer, to name but a few.

We also populate our local stocks with some products made by lesser known and more obscure gearbox manufacturers to ensure our range of available options is extensive and always able to meet whatever requirements our clients have.

Anyone running or working in a business that relies on industrial machinery will recognise that gearboxes and gear motors are some of the most crucial machine components.

A lot of manufacturing, production and packaging processes will grind to a halt when a gearbox or gear motor fails. Even in good working order, they usually require regular maintenance to maintain their peak performance. But no matter how well you maintain your motors, wear and tear is inevitable, so it is important you know where to source replacement gearboxes to ensure you minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

Machines in a factory will use a wide variety of small to medium-sized gearboxes and gear motors, plus there are major industrial processes such as mining and wind power generation which also depend massively on large and heavy duty geared motor units.

Mining operations to extract resources to create roads and numerous other societal necessities are utterly dependant on the motor-powered mining machinery that can dig deep underground and extract the necessary minerals and debris. Wind turbines are basically just massive rotors that use enormous gears to increase or decrease the rotational speed while transferring the generated energy into the storage cells.

Many very small gear motors can be found in other places such as that hub of human activity, the office. While the world is becoming ever more digital, we haven’t yet abandoned the likes of copiers and printers, as well as a lot of banking and financial equipment and the likes of packaging, franking and other necessary machines which are also powered by gear motor units.

At YB Components, we make sure to keep our local stocks filled with as many gearboxes and gear motor designs as possible. This allows us to ship out requested orders without delay. Thanks to the favourable logistics, exceptionally fast delivery is possible for any of our clients located near our base in Yorkshire, in areas such as Castleford, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract and Knottingley. Usually we can ship out a requested gearbox or gear motor the very same day it is ordered, plus we offer free shipping to anywhere in the UK.

We also ship these valuable parts wherever in the world they are needed, with our client list including companies from over 40 different countries around the world.

YB Components Ltd has been sourcing these products for many years and has shipped to over 40 countries around the world.Some of the more popular makes include Bauer, Heynau, Li-Ming, Pujol, Spaggiari and Zurrer… to name but a few.

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