The components that connect two separate shafts together and thus make complex machinery processes possible are of course the many different kinds of couplings, clutches and universal joints.

At YB Components, we have spent years sourcing all of the best shaft coupling products by manufacturers such as Desch, Enemac, Falk, Flender Kauermann, SIT and Tschan, to name but a few.

The most basic coupling design might serve the purpose of connecting the ends of two adjacent parts or objects involved in a particular mechanical process. Some type of coupling or joint will also required whenever two shafts need to be connected together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power.

Usually it is two rotating shafts that are connected, or one driving shaft and one driven, which means the joining component must be designed to permit some degree of axial misalignment or movement of the two shaft ends.

Most couplings do not allow the shafts to disconnect during operation, although some designs are specially built to disconnect or ‘slip’ when a particular torque limit is exceeded. These special couplings are called torque limiters.

Among the many other coupling designs available through YB Components are many kinds of rigid couplings and flexible couplings. There are so many varying models of these particular shaft connecting parts that we are happy to help you identify the ideal coupling, clutch or universal joint for your purposes.

There is also our local onsite technical support service to ensure your industrial machine minimises any necessary downtime due to repairs or the replacement of parts such as couplings and other joints.

Being smaller parts, couplings and similar components are often more susceptible to wear and tear than other more robust parts. They are subjected to regular vibrations, shocks and impacts which keep them performing at their operational capacity. This is a pretty unavoidable part of the industrial machinery process, but thankfully replacement couplings are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and we can ship them quickly and for free all over the UK.

Our local stocks of couplings are located in Yorkshire, so any clients based in areas such as Bradford, Leeds, Castleford, Wakefield, Pontefract or Knottingley can expect extremely fast delivery as we aim to ship out orders on the very same day they are made. We also deliver internationally, and so far, have shipped parts to companies based in over 40 countries around the world.

If you know the couplings you need such as those made by manufacturers like Jaure, Kumera, Reich Couplings or the pleasingly named KWD Kupplungswerk, get in touch with us and we can ensure a speedy delivery of the parts you need. We will also be able to advise you if you are not certain which couplings or clutches are ideal for your machines.

Whether your business is based in a factory or specialises in the likes of engineering, logistics or distribution, YB Components are ready and able to supply you with all the couplings, clutches and universal joints required to keep your operations running smoothly.

From small Flexible Couplings to large Rigid Couplings, YB Components has the right coupling for you!
Makes include Desch, Din-Al, Enemac, Jaure SIT and Tschan

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