BONORA Electric Motors

Y B Components Ltd are pleased to offer Bonora electric motors to the Industrial Sector.


MOTORI BONORA, founded in 1945, has progressively focused its activity on the production of asynchronous electric motors.
During all these years they tried to follow the market’s evolution, strengthening their manufacturers’ vocation and paying much attention to the quality of product and service.

Products include-

Motors for Wood Working machines

Motori per Macchine Lavorazione Legno


Motors for Liquid Pumps

Motori per Pompe Liquidi

Motors for Air Pumps

Motori per Pompe aria

Oilsubmeged motors for hydraulic power units on Lifts

Motori in bagno d'olio per centraline idrauliche ascensori

Motors for Coffee Grinders

Motori per Macinacaffè

Motors for Meat Working Machines

Motori per Macchine Lavorazione Carni

Motors for Laundry Machines

Motori per Macchine Lavasecco

Motors for Ventilation / Aspiration

Motori per Ventilazione / Aspirazione

Motors for Zootechnic Field

Motori per settore zootecnico

Motors for Iron Working Machines

Motori per Macchine Lavorazione Ferro

Motors for Balancing Machines

Motori per Macchine Equilibratici

Motors with External Fan Cooling

Motori Servoventilati

Other Executions

Altre Esecuzioni