SPRAYMATION Incorporated


Not to be confused with Spraymation.co.uk, this US company specialise in Thermopulse hot melt and cold adhesive application systems,

Electromatic automatic applicator heads and Compuspray automatic test panel spray equipment.

YB Components are happy to supply these parts to UK and European customers.
Hot Melt and Cold Adhesive/Fluid Systems

Cold Adhesive/Fluid Systems

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Hot Melt Adhesive Systems

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Applicator Heads

SPRAYMATION, INC. developed, and pioneered the use of direct electrically actuated heads over 30 years ago. The ELECTROMATIC design is used in the majority of Spraymation’s applicator heads, but for applications where high viscosity material, and high volume dispensing is required, we also have a complete series of pneumatically operated heads, built with the same precision and exclusive design of the ELECTROMATIC applicator head.

It is ruggedly constructed of stainless steel for long, trouble-free operation. The applicators contain only one moving part and no dynamic seals. All working parts can be quickly removed in seconds without the need to remove the entire head from the line. It is a completely dripless design — no matter how high the speed of actuation, providing positive shut-off every time.

In conjunction with suitable pattern control equipment, the ELECTROMATIC head will place dots or lines (continuous or interrupted) with extreme accuracy, since the built-in solenoid provides the necessary actuation force without requiring any additional valves or air pressure for operation. There are no packings or seals to degrade and require replacement, and the heated units are RTD-equipped for close temperature-sensing control.

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