Rotex Elettromeccanica

Rotex Tachogenerators have been manufactured in Italy by Rotex Ellettromeccanica since the mid 80’s.

D.C. Tachogenerators

The ROTEX D.C. tachogenerators are produced with simple but advanced constructive technologies which, together with an accurate construction, an electrical and mechanical testing with strict quality controls, ensure that the ROTEX D.C. tachogenerators maintain their characteristics constant during time. The special magnetic structure, the large quantity of slots in the rotor and the high number of commutator segments provide an excellent output signal suitable in all those cases where a good linearity between voltaqe and rotation speed over all the operation range is essential. The ROTEX D.C. tachogenerators are available in several different versions, either with flanges and shaft: series FD-FM, or with hallow shaft: series DD-MD-SD

Version with shaft

Type FD

Type FD

Standard dynamo with fliange, shaft diameter 11 mm

Type FDB-D

A version with dual independent signal and other features as FDB

Type FDB-L

Same as FDB, with rear lantern and double shaft end for encoder mounting.

Type FDB-E72

Same construction as FDB, with rear connection for a hollow shaft encoder.

Type FDB

protection class IP 55, with the terminal boxthat can be turned 180°


Type FMD10

Tachogenerator with shaft d 5 mm. Protection class IP54.Output cable L = 50 cm


Serie KR0

Medium size tachogenerator. Shaft diameter 8 mm.


Type DD10

Tachogenerator with hollow shaft (d. 12,7 mm). Protection class IP00. Output cable L = 30 cm


Type MD10

Tachogenerator with hollow shaft ( d. 10 mm ). Protection class IP00.


Type SD10

Protection class IP54, output cable (L = 0.5 mt.) through cable stopper.

Type SDB

Protection class IP 54 with the terminal box