Ancillary Products

The Ancillary Products section is where you will find all the industrial machinery parts that do not belong under the banners of gearboxes and motors, couplings and clutches or variable speed pulleys and belts. There are some manufacturers whose wide range of products might be suitable for multiple categories and thus they will likely be found in the Ancillary Products section too.

It is here where you will find high quality manufacturers such as AMC Mecanocaucho, LAM Technologies, Osborn Rollers and Sankyo Oilless Industry. If you require components for industrial pneumatic machinery, then we are well stocked with Pemaks parts as well as Mec Fluid2 and CKD pneumatic components.

Mondall Conveyor Components and Bearings are also available, as are Manifold Heinz Indexing parts and the many different products on offer from bearings and chains manufacturers such as Sferax, AVE Chains and IWIS/JWIS Chains. The anti-vibration mount technology manufactured by AMT/PMI is also ready to be shipped out on request.

Also available are the excellent wearstrips and tensioners manufactured by one of the world’s leading plastics manufacturers, Murtfeldt, including all of the products constructed with their trademarked compound called ‘S Green’.

Also supplied by YB Components is the wide range of switching amplifiers and filling level probes designed and built by Senotec Sensors. Other control systems are available too such as some particularly high-quality models designed by Swedish manufacturers Sepro AB.

There is a quality selection of spring tool balancers made by professional tools and accessories manufacturer Sira. There are multiple flex types available and different materials, all of which create a variety of load capacities.

Other more obscure industrial machine components include thermopulse hot melt and cold adhesive application systems from Spraymation Incorporated, tachogenerators from Rotex Elettromeccanica and Rader-Vogel Wheels for the likes of pallet trucks, forklift trucks and automatic guided vehicle systems.

There many other ancillary products in the full catalogue, and YB Components have spent years sourcing them to ensure they are ready to be shipped as soon as possible for our clients.

We keep local stocks of as many industrial machine parts as possible that are used in factories, engineering projects, distribution centres, agricultural operations and pretty much every kind of industrial production, manufacturing process or goods handling procedure you can think of.

We ship all of these ancillary machine components all over the world with our client list including companies from over 40 countries across the globe.

We are also able to offer exceptionally fast delivery for any of our clients who happen to be located near our base in Yorkshire, in areas such as Bradford, Leeds, Castleford, Knottingley, Wakefield or Pontefract. Our local stocks also mean we can also usually ship out a requested component the very same day it is ordered.

An extra service we provide is local onsite technical support, so if one of our local clients requires any additional assistance with either the identification, installation or operation of any of the industrial machinery components we have supplied them, then we can provide quick assistance upon request.

Many Industrial components can be soured.

Regular supplies of AMC Anti-Vibration,Ave Chains,  Murtdfeldt Wearstrips and Tensioners, Senotec Level Sensors, Sferax Linear Bearings and SIRA Spring Balancersimages images images images images images