Laifual Drive

Zhejiang Laifual Drive Co., Ltd

YB Components Ltd are happy to supply Laifual Drives to both UK and EU customers.

Thanks to years of research and development experience, Laifual has made breakthroughs in many special performance. Their high precision harmonic reducers have the characteristics of low temperature rise, low starting torque, high reliability, big torque, long life time, big speed ratio, small size, etc. Which can be widely used in industrial robots, service robots, medical equipment, high precision automation equipment, etc. And we sincerely provide satisfactory and diversified custom design services for all our valued customers.

Planetary Gear Reducer
LFB Series 
LFH Series 
LFT Series 
LFL Series
LSS Series
-LSD Series
-LFS/LFS Integrated Series
-LHT Series
-LHD Series