Temperature and Pressure Switches Market Research

A recent market study forecasting the temperature and pressure switches market over the next six years has predicted a CAGR growth rate of 5% by 2027. This means the market should reach a value of over $5 million USD (£3.5m approx.) within the same time frame. The research was published in Industry Today and considers various temperature and pressure switch product types as well as end-users such, primarily commercial users in the food and beverages industry and those in the marine, automotive and aerospace industries. Other end users include the military, chemical plants and the oil and gas industries. Crucially, the study carried out by The Insight Partners also conducts global analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on the temperature […]

Sumitomo Concentric

Sumitomo have been producing superior gearboxes and speed reducers for the best part of a century. Their product names have even become synonymous with the type of device they represent. Here we take a closer look at a couple of the products in the Sumitomo Concentric range, specifically the Cyclo Drive which is widely regarded as one of the best speed reducers on the market. Sumitomo Concentric CYCLO Drive These Sumitomo gearboxes boast high strength and reliability due to the proprietary Cyclo mechanism. This unique Cyclo mechanism is also highly durable and provides an extended operating life. One of the best features of this speed reducer from the Sumitomo Concentric range is the break-resistant teeth. In contrast to regular gear […]

Linear Bearings Guide

There are two basic types of linear bearing, one with a plain element and another with a rolling element. They both serve the same general function but differ in their design and in the performance they produce. They each consist of mechanical components that allows relative motion between one surface supporting another while minimising friction created between the two. There are many high quality linear bearing products for a wide variety of applications available through linear bearings suppliers. Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks from the best linear bearing manufacturers so they are ready to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Delivery can even be completed on the same day of ordering […]

RGM Gearboxes

Renowned the world over as the ‘Specialist for Worm Geared Motors’, the company known as RGM RUHRGETRIEBE in their native German has been manufacturing worm gears and worm geared motors for over 65 years. Thanks to their focus mostly being on one product type and their impressive experience in the field, RGM worm gears are utilised in almost all industrial sectors. It is a testament to their enduring quality that so many of the RGM gearboxes and other geared motor components are still in strong demand years after their original implementation. RGM Worm Gears The company aims to offer real solutions with their products and thus provide an extensive product range with many different drive types. They aim to create […]

Wenglor Sensors: InoxSens

The Wenglor Sensor OKII403C0103 is now available through YB Components who keep stock of the product in the UK so it is primed and ready for fast delivery. About Wenglor Sensors Wenglor have been designing and developing some of the finest optoelectronic sensor technology ever since their founding back in 1983.  Although the company actually started out manufacturing their products in an attic, their high quality design and innovation soon brought the company global success. Just a few years after the business started, Wenglor created the world’s first red light sensor with background suppression. The company continued to expand over the next couple of decades, innovating more and more products and using the likes of world trade fairs to show […]

CKD Actuators: Pioneering Technology

Originally founded as the Japanese Aircraft Electric Company nearly three quarters of a century ago, CKD Pneumatic Components has long been established as one of the world’s leading pioneers in automation technology, as well as premium manufacturers of electric actuators. Here we take a quick look at some of the CKD actuator models they have produced, both with a motor integrated into the design and without.   Linear Electric CKD Actuator – CKD Index Motor Integrated   There are three main models of CKD motor integrated actuators. The first we’ll describe here are the KBX and KBZ versions, which are variations of the same model of CKD actuator. The KBX or KBZ actuators have a wide range of horizontal load […]

Worm Gear Applications and Usages

Worm drives are a type of gear mechanism where a gear in the form of a screw (the ‘worm’) engages with a more conventional wheel gear. Together these gears form a worm drive, though they are often collectively referred to as a worm gear. Gearboxes consisting of a worm drive will usually be called worm gearboxes to differentiate them from other models, such as the Spaggiari worm gearboxes available from YB Components.   Worm drives operate pretty much like ordinary gear drives by reducing or increasing rotational speed or torque. Worm gears do have two main advantages over other gear types, with the first being that they can transfer motion at a ninety degree angle, and the second being that […]

The Best Linear Bearings Suppliers

Bearings are one of the most important and commonly sought after industrial machinery components. Even just standard linear bearings are often critical components of precision machinery such as machine tools and orientation equipment. When you include the many other types of linear bearing available, the different usages include electric discharging machines, wire cutting and plastics injecting machines, as well as semi-conductor equipment and many, many other different industrial applications.   Due to the huge demand for these parts, linear bearings suppliers must ship many different bearing brands and designs all across the world. As there are so many different designs to meet the many varied purposes they are required for, it is essential for a linear bearings supplier to be […]

Heavy Duty Variable Speed Belts by Carlisle

Carlisle Belts (made under the umbrella company Timken) have many different v-belt designs for a wide variety of applications. They are renowned for their heavy duty applications, with several of the Carlisle variable speed belts specifically designed to endure heavy loads and impact shocks. They are all purpose-built to produce the optimal performance for their given application, with particular attention paid to how well they resist the likes of heat, oil and chemicals.   Other qualities of the Carlisle v-belts are their ability to dissipate static, which is an issue many inferior v-belt designs suffer from. Such problems are not an issue for these Carlisle variable speed belts though as they are designed and built to strict specifications and rigorously […]

90 years of Bauer Gear Motors

Bauer Gear Motor has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient geared-motor units for over ninety years now, though they have undergone a fair few changes along the way. Originally a family business with the head of the company directly descending from their forebear, the company has always focused on the quality of their geared-motor unit products.   While many folks these days likely just want the product and care little for the story behind it, we like to keep ourselves aware of how a business came to be so well regarded around the world. And for Bauer, that story is quite a long one, though we will try and keep it brief just to give you an […]