Sumitomo Paramax Gearmotors and Reducers

Sumitomo’s Paramax industrial gearboxes and reducers are robust and capable of withstanding strong impact loads while featuring high load capacities. They come in a wide variety of sizes as well as with bevel and helical combinations, making them some of the most versatile and customisable gear-motors on the market. Below we take a closer look at these high-quality Sumitomo Paramax products. PARAMAX 9000 Series Gearmotor These popular Sumitomo gearboxes are highly functional gear-motors that feature a compact design with an optimized supply chain that enables them to provide fast delivery while maintaining high performance levels. Each model in the 9000 Gearmotor Series has a wide range of options available including 26 different sizes. These Sumitomo gearboxes boast a high dedendum […]

Couplings Suppliers

There is practically an entire catalogue of high quality coupling products produced by many different coupling manufacturers available to order now. From standardised couplings to extra flexible couplings and special zero backlash couplings, the couplings and clutches section of YB Components is a one-stop-shop for all your industrial coupling needs. We have covered several of the couplings manufacturers available through couplings distributors on this blog before, so here we will focus on just a few of the other top quality coupling manufacturers you can find here. Desch Couplings The Habix Desch couplings are extremely precise flexible jaw coupling that allow for multiple torque power variants. Usefully, the machined Habix couplings don’t actually require a high accuracy of shaft alignment for […]

How Conveyor Belts Work

The current contemporary design of modern conveyor belts came into existence in the 1970s. It was during that decade that the world’s first modular belt patent was filed, and it is that design which is predominant throughout modern manufacturing processes today. This modular design works by using modules and rods which are fixed together to allow for a much more secure movement than other previous conveyor belt designs would allow. Modern conveyors basically consist of a driving roller usually powered by a geared motor unit that features a tension roller at the opposite end. The tension roller rotates on an endless loop which helps drive the belt. The belts are supported by a base which can be constructed of a […]

Machine Operator Training

Maintaining the optimal performance of your machinery involves several steps, and here we will focus on one of the most important: ensuring your machine operators are properly trained. First and foremost, when a machine operator lacks the proper training, they can be a danger to themselves and to others around them. Beyond those immediate dangers are other concerns such as sub-optimal performance and eventual degradation of the machine itself. In light of these issues, below we will examine how to ensure your machine operators are fully trained to maximise safety and performance. Maintaining Machine Safety As anyone working in industry will be well aware, heavy machinery can cause serious injury and even death. Profit margins and repair downtimes pale into […]

Variable Speed Pulley Options

There are many variable speed belt and variable speed pulley options around, but only the highest quality and best value V-Belt products are available through YB Components. Here we take a closer look at some of the speed belt and drive manufacturers that have made the grade… Berges Speed Belts Berges are a variable speed pulley manufacturer based in Germany, producing top of the range power transmission variable speed drives with enhanced torque and friction reduction capabilities. The Berges variable speed pulley designs include both symmetrical and asymmetrical models. The symmetrical Berges variable speed belts operate up to 160 kW while the asymmetrical versions can operate up to 200 kW. As well as this power differential, the different Berges speed […]

Four Rules of Machine Maintenance

Maintaining the peak performance of machinery is the key to maximising the efficiency and effectives of your industrial operations. The likes of gearbox repair services and downtime are the obvious consequences of poor maintenance that you want to avoid, but vigilant maintenance will also help keep the machines operating at maximum capability for a much longer time than otherwise. To maximise the lifespan of your machinery as well as the performance, follow these four rules of industrial machinery maintenance… Machine Maintenance Rule #1: Clean Regularly The surest way to guarantee the performance of an industrial machine diminishes quickly is to let dirt and any other contaminants accumulate on it, and in it. Regular cleaning is absolutely necessary even for heavy […]

Choosing the Right Osborn Load Runner

Idler rollers are an integral part of any rail-riding operation, and when properly specified they can seriously optimize line speed and product handling, boosting the efficiency of your applications and operations. Osborn’s Load Runners consist of heavy-duty idler rollers and rails designed to enable such high capacity precision and impressive load handling. The Osborn rollers manufacture process includes operational considerations such as moisture and temperature levels, speed and load capacities, lubrication requirements and operating environments as well as potential cycle counts. This process results in products that produce exceptional performances even in severe environments. Osborn Rollers Capabilities The standard Load Runner idler rollers that Osborn manufacture and that are available through Osborn rollers distributors are specifically designed to operate in […]

A Brief History of Conveyor Belt Systems

There are many excellent conveyor systems and associated parts available through YB Components, with products such as Ave conveyor chains, Berges speed belts and the Continental Variflex belts all available for order. But while modern belt manufacturing might be the best it has ever been thanks to these high-quality belt manufacturers, that is only because of the long history of invention and innovation that precedes them. Here is a brief glimpse into the history and evolution of conveyor belt systems. The Origins of Conveyor Belt Systems Conveyor belt systems have been in use as far back as the early 19th century. One of the earliest examples was a very crude steam-powered conveyor belt system employed by the British Navy who […]

Heynau H-Drive and Mini Drive

Heynau Getreibe manufacture high quality traction drives that are especially suited to operations where noise reduction is important. Their products are also renowned for having long lives while providing plenty of speed and power transmission options for a wide variety of applications. Below we take a closer look at the H-Drive and Mini Drive from the Heynau product catalogue. Heynau Gearboxes – H-Drive As a mechanical variable speed drive, the Heynau H-Drive is one of the most popular and reliable traction drives on the market. The all-steel construction is very basic and only features a few components which promotes reliability. These Heynau gearboxes are ideal for applications that require quiet operation as well as premium precision and a steady speed […]

Pneumatic Industrial Components

There are few better manufacturers of pneumatic industrial machinery components than the firm best known as Parker. The American conglomerate’s merging of the quick connect coupling specialist Rectus (renowned for the Rectus hose coupling) with the hydraulic connecting element specialist Tema created an unrivalled pneumatic parts manufacturer. Now Parker boast a stacked catalogue full of air hose and quick couplings for as many different applications as exist in the world. Below we run through a selection of some of the Parker products available today. Series 20 – Air Hose Quick Coupling Similar to the original Rectus hose coupling, the Series 20 couplings are specially built for pneumatic air hoses. Parker’s version is a general purpose quick coupling with nipples that […]