Rigid or Flexible Couplings?

Couplings are a crucial component of many industrial machines, joining together two shafts so one may transmit power to the other. They are usually incorporated into the drive-train alongside other important components in the power transmission process such as ball screws, gearboxes and belts. Rigid and Flexible Coupling Manufacture There are two types of couplings, a rigid type and a flexible type, so knowing which one you need before contacting coupling suppliers can save time. Rigid couplings will more often be used in industrial machinery applications that require very precise alignment. Flexible couplings on the other hand are often used in applications where a little misalignment between the shafts is acceptable, perhaps even necessary for some functions. Flexible couplings allow […]

Torque Limiters and Overload Clutches

Torque limiters or overload clutches are special industrial machinery components that are specifically designed to protect either the equipment itself or the equipment’s load from excessive torque. Usually they will shut down a machine when excessive torque is detected and dissipate the unnecessary rotational energy so as not to cause damage to the load or the machine. Dangers of Excessive Torque When a large amount of torque is generated by a machine, often in equipment that operates at a low speed,  it can severely damage the machine or its load whenever there is a malfunction. The machinery components most at risk from the damage caused by excessive torque are gears and couplings, as well as geared-motor units and drive shafts. […]

Industrial Rollers

Motion control systems rely on a number of separate components to function. Motors are vital of course, but the rollers are just as important to the motion control system’s ability to operate as it should. Industrial Roller Chains Rollers chains are the most popular industrial roller design. Such rollers consist of five basic parts, including a pin, a bushing, a pin link plate and roller link plate, as well as the rollers themselves. Different types have different tolerances and optimal performance conditions, and their primary applications involve drives and conveyors. There are many excellent manufacturers of roller chains. Supplier Yorkshire-based YB Components keep plenty of local stock of such important parts, which have the benefit of being a simple method […]

Industrial Bearings

Industrial bearings are very simple machinery components but are vital for enabling motion between two surfaces. They reduce friction between two moving parts by giving the connecting surfaces something to roll over instead of rub against. The most common bearings are small metal balls, though there are some designs that incorporate rollers instead. The bearings are the part that roll or spin inside and against the smooth housing they are mostly enclosed in. They function as the load carrier with their exposed section enabling a load to move easily across a surface without causing friction. It is important that metal ball bearings are free to move in radial or axial directions as well as lineal as they will likely encounter […]

Miki Components: Electromagnetic Clutches

Miki Pulley are a Japanese company with offices and plants in a number of countries around Europe and Asia. The most famous Miki components are their stepless speed changer products, though they also manufacture a number of other high quality industrial machine parts such as electromagnetic clutches and brakes. Miki Pulley Company History Mike Pulley started business as a humble parts maker in 1939, with the company starting to evolve into the globally-esteemed manufacturer they are known as today in the mid-1950s when they acquired the patent for a mechanical stepless speed changer. The immediate success of this crucial component enabled the company to expand into a new plant in 1961, with production of their innovative electrical stepless speed changer […]

Industrial Shock Absorbers and Anti-Vibration Mounts

Industrial equipment often experiences an abundance of shocks and impacts, either as a result of the usual applications or as unexpected loads suddenly occurring because of a deviation in the operational process. Often such shocks are pre-empted during the design phase of the equipment, with special shock absorbing materials incorporated into its manufacture. Additional shock-absorbing and vibration-dampening components can be integrated afterwards to help minimise the forces caused by shock loads and constant operational vibrations. Types of Shock-Absorbers and Anti-Vibration Mounts The primary purpose of any shock reduction component is to absorb or deflect kinetic energy away from the load as it stops, sometimes converting it into thermal energy which is then dissipated as heat. This process prevents the kinetic […]

Gearbox Design and Manufacture

Understanding exactly what goes into the design of a gearbox will help anyone who needs to identify the ideal model for their purposes. There is no one-size-fits-all method and many gearbox manufacturers these days even offer entirely customised options for unique applications. Here we will delve into the gearbox design process and explain the steps that an engineer must take in order to develop a gearbox design. Preliminary Gearbox Design Questions The first step is identifying the basic framework within which the more detailed elements will added. Questions a gearbox engineer must ask before commencing the design stage include the likes of what kind of input speed and horsepower the final build will be required to sustain. The engineer will […]

Crane Wheels Supplier

A lot of modern construction projects rely heavily on cranes and their ability to move enormous and extremely heavy loads with relative ease, and it is because of this ability that they require constant maintenance to ensure all a crane’s components are in good working order. One of the most important crane components are the various crane wheels. Suppliers like Yorkshire’s YB Components usually keep a good stock of crane wheels from the top crane wheel manufacturers in order to ship them quickly all around the UK and the rest of the world. The Importance of Crane Wheel Maintenance Crane wheels are pretty much the most important parts within crane-based travelling systems as they enable the crane to function, however […]

Supror Gearboxes

Supror Gearboxes are a professional manufacturer of gearboxes and geared motors as well as planetary and worm gear reducers. Supror planetary gear reducers are especially useful for port machinery applications as they guarantee high efficiency and operational stability. The Supror geared motors come in either co-axial form or in right angle form for applications that require an angle. There are also special reducers available for either horizontal or vertical installation. Introducing Supror Gearboxes Originally based in China, though incorporating some imported Italian technological breakthroughs to guarantee the highest quality product, Supror Transmission have exported their gearbox products to over a hundred countries across five continents, making them one of Asia’s largest exporters of worm gear and planetary reducers. The company […]

Finding the Right Flexible Coupling

Couplings are one of the most commonly sought after machine components as they are necessary to connect two shafts together as a way of transmitting power from one to the other. This demanding role means they experience a lot of wear and tear and are thus one of the most frequently replaced parts of many different types of machine. Different Types of Coupling There are two types of coupling in their most basic form, the rigid type and the flexible type. The former are usually found in applications that require very precise alignment, with the latter mostly used in applications where even a slight amount of misalignment between the shafts can be expected or even necessary. Flexible couplings accommodate misalignment […]