Bearing Types

Industrial bearings suppliers provide a wide variety of bearing types and designs built by manufacturers from all over the world. Here we take a quick look at just a few of the bearings types and their applications. Cylindrical Roller Bearings With a higher radial load carrying capacity than other bearing types, the single cylindrical roller bearing is useful for a wide variety of industrial applications, while the double-row bearing is often used for precision machine tools. Both types of cylindrical roller bearings also boast a high speed capability and usually come with options for the flange configuration. Double-row cylindrical roller bearings also have a higher level of radial rigidity, with either the inner or outer rings featuring two ribs and […]

Sumitomo Concentric

Sumitomo have been producing superior gearboxes and speed reducers for the best part of a century. Their product names have even become synonymous with the type of device they represent. Here we take a closer look at a couple of the products in the Sumitomo Concentric range, specifically the Cyclo Drive which is widely regarded as one of the best speed reducers on the market. Sumitomo Concentric CYCLO Drive These Sumitomo gearboxes boast high strength and reliability due to the proprietary Cyclo mechanism. This unique Cyclo mechanism is also highly durable and provides an extended operating life. One of the best features of this speed reducer from the Sumitomo Concentric range is the break-resistant teeth. In contrast to regular gear […]

V-Belt Installation Guide

This v-belt installation guide will show you what you need to do to prepare the pulleys for a new variable speed belt, as well as the best method for installing the belt itself. Let’s begin. Check Pulleys for Damage and Debris Before beginning the installation of V belts, Yorkshire-based supplier YB Components recommend giving the variable speed pulleys a thorough check for wear and tear. Also look out for dirt, debris and other foreign material which should be cleaned or removed before beginning to install the variable speed belt. When a variable speed pulley is worn out, it should be replaced immediately to maintain a good contact between the pulley and belt. Continuing to operate with a worn out variable […]

10 Most Common Causes of Machinery Failure

Machinery parts and gearboxes suppliers like YB Components often help customers mend broken machinery with replacement parts as well as advice on proper usage and maintenance. It places them in a unique position to understand the many different problems that affect industrial machinery. Calling upon many years of experience dealing with all manner of problems that affect industrial equipment, here is a list of the top ten issues that cause machinery failure, and how to prevent them. 1. Poor Maintenance It is crucial that you put in place a regular maintenance schedule that ensures all lubrication points are checked daily, all variable speed belts are monitored for wear and tear and that the likes of rollers and chains have not […]

Supror Gear Reducers

The gearboxes and gear reducer manufacturer Supror has a produced a series of products designed for maximum efficiency and operational stability. Here we take a quick look at one of their special worm gear reducers as well as their SPN Series of planetary reducers. S Helical Gear Worm Reducer The development and construction of the S-model of Supror’s helical worm gear reducers uses a unique low-noise gear tooth profile design and features an optimisation design concept with the use of finite element analysis software. They have been specifically designed to meet the many different requirements across a wide variety of industries. One of the main functional advantages of the Supror S Helical Gear Worm Reducer is that it can be […]

Murtfeldt Tensioners Suppliers

As chains and belts are vital and yet also the most easy-wearing parts in many machinery applications, they are often the parts that need replacing the most. Their easy-wearing tendencies are due to the fact that they are constantly in motion and constantly subjected to a multitude of high stresses and strains. Additional turbulent movement is caused by the belt needing to be pre-tensioned and the chain links stretched, which all adds to the relatively short lifespan of belts. One manufacturer has been designing special tensioning systems to combat this problem. Murtfeldt Tensioners, Suppliers and Manufacture To minimise the natural wear and tear, the reliable tensioning systems Murtfeldt manufacture keep chains and belts at the ideal tension to help maximise […]

Agricultural Machines

There are many different types of agricultural equipment used in farming and other agriculture, with YB Components supplying many of the necessary parts that keep the machines running. Agricultural motors, gearboxes, bearings, clutches and couplings are all kept in stock so they are ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. The agricultural equipment itself ranges from small handheld power tools up to tractors and combine harvesters. There is also many other unpowered implements that will be towed or otherwise operated, with all of these machines and implements vital to both organic and non-organic agricultural procedures. Most Common Agricultural Machines The tractor is undoubtedly the most common machine used in agriculture, […]

Variable Speed Belts Manufacturers

There are a lot of different variable speed belt products designed and built by many different high quality manufacturers, so here is a quick introduction to some of the variable speed pulleys and belt manufacturers available through YB Components. Berges Speed Belts Berges produce symmetrical and asymmetrical variable speed belts, with the former operating up to 160 kW and the latter operating up to 200 kW. They also design and manufacture double pulley drives or compound pulley systems, which feature a combination of two pulleys working together to move the load. Browning Variable Speed Pulley Browning’s MVP sheaves include angular-faced centre flanges bolted to the barrel-mounted fixed flange, with another series of angular-faced flanges bolted to the threaded locking collar […]

Wedge Belts and Cogged Wedge Belts

Wedge belts are designed for high performance and can deliver up to double the amount of power produced by conventional variable speed belts. This makes the wedge belts Yorkshire-based supplier YB Components supply suitable for most industrial applications, especially when space, weight and higher levels of horsepower capacity are a priority. Wedge Belt Advantages Over Conventional V-Belts The heavier duty rubber used in wedge belt manufacture is more resistant to wear and tear, with the impregnated fabric wrap providing protection from oil and dirt. The fabric wrap also adds an extra layer of protection against heat, all of which combines to produce an extended belt life compared to standard variable speed belts. Many wedge belt suppliers, Yorkshire’s YB Components being […]

Leading Couplings and Clutches Manufacturers

If you are looking for couplings and clutches from a couplings supplier, Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks from the very best coupling manufacturers from all around Europe and the rest of the world. The local stocks of couplings manufactured by companies such as Falk, Jaure, Kauermann and Reich, mean that YB Components can ship these parts quickly all over the UK and the world. For companies based in Yorkshire, delivery can even be on the same day as the order. Here is a closer look at three of the coupling and clutches manufacturers also in stock. Desch Couplings and Clutches Based in Germany the coupling and clutches manufacturer Desch Couplings have long specialised in the design and manufacture of […]