Industrial Gearboxes & Geared Motors

Industrial gearbox suppliers such as YB Components have access to a wide variety of gearboxes and geared-motor unit designs. There are so many different types with industrial gearbox manufacturers often having multiple examples of the many different kinds of gears available in their product catalogues. With so many to choose from, it often falls to the industrial gearbox distributors themselves to help explain which type of gear is best suited to which type of operation. Here is a quick guide to a few of the most common gear designs and their functional capabilities. Spur Gearboxes & Geared Motors The most common and basic design of industrial gearboxes is the spur model, which resembles a classic cog with the teeth radiating […]

Variable Speed Belt Special Feature

One of the most popular products shipped around the world by YB Components is the variable speed belt. There are many manufacturers of this product, each with their own designs, some specific to a particular application while others are more versatile and can be adopted to different purposes. Here we take a brief look at some of the most popular models of variable speed belt available and give the lowdown on each of them. Optibelt Super TX Belt The Optibelt Super TX Belt has been built with extremely small pulley diameters in mind, with the moulded cogs of this variable speed belt enjoying an extra flexibility thanks to being manufactured with a high quality rubber compound. For a guarantee of […]

ConveyXonic’s Conveyor Belt Revolution

The ConveyXonic belt is a power transmission elastic belt that features longitudinal ribs and has been specifically developed for roller conveyors transporting loads ranging in weight from 1 kg up to 2 tonnes. This revolutionary belt drive system is designed to replace all six major drive systems used in conveyor assembly. That is the flat belt system, round belt, chain and timing belt, twisted belt and the tangential belt system; all made redundant by ConveyXonic belts. These power transmission elastic belts are manufactured by French firm Hutchinson, who are one of the world’s leaders in elastomer transformation and who operate under the umbrella of the Total Group multinational corporation. ConveyXonic Belts and the Poly-V Concept Hutchinson’s ConveyXonic belts – sometimes […]

Sirem Gear Motors and IP44 Protection

Sirem have been at the forefront of industrial innovation for over 90 years now, manufacturing a wide variety of products including gearboxes, water tight motors, pumps and drum motors. Here we take a closer look at two of their most popular gear motor products, as well as explaining exactly what their IP44 certification means. D Type – Asynchronous Sirem Gear Motor This reversible Sirem gearbox with parallel gears is ideally suited for applications involving textile machines, rotary presses and liquid agitators. It features the titular asynchronous motor which is an electric motor driven by an alternating current created via the electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator (or stationary part of the rotary mechanic). Such asynchronous or induction […]

Ancillary Products Available Through YB Components

              Usually on this blog we like to highlight a particular manufacturer or product that we supply, usually in the form of gearboxes and motors, couplings and clutches, as well as variable speed pulleys and belts. We also supply a number of ancillary products that are worth highlighting, so below is brief description of some of the most frequently requested machine parts and components that don’t necessarily fall under the usual categories mentioned above. AMC Anti-Vibration Mounts While the usual AMC machine mounts are always of a high quality, the AMC anti-vibration mounts are especially popular thanks to their unique characteristics which dampen the effects of operational vibrations. The mounts have high profile rubber […]

German Industry Receives Economic Boost

There was good news for the German industrial sector recently when the country’s Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) updated its economic growth forecast for 2018 from its originally projected growth of 2.2% to 2.7%. Already Europe’s biggest economy, German industry is now looking forward to an even brighter future with this year already seeing a significant boost in the morale of workers across the country. A survey of 26,000 business managers conducted by the DIHK discovered that morale related to current working conditions has climbed to a record-high, with 54% of companies reporting good conditions. Only 6% reported bad conditions, with the remaining 40% reporting that conditions were satisfactory. In light of this boost to the German economy and […]

Deepak Interchangeable Variable Speed Drives

Deepak Drives produce highly efficient variable speed pulleys and belts, many of which are interchangeable with other manufacturers such as Lenze and Berges. This blog has covered the Deepak variable speed drives that are interchangeable with Lenze before, so below is a little more detail about one of the Deepak variable speed pulleys that is interchangeable with Berges, as well as some information on a couple of their other pulley systems. Deepak Variable Speed Pulleys – Asymmetric Belt Drives Interchangeable with the Berges variable speed belts, Deepak’s Asymmetric Drive is designed to minimise wear and tear via the disc being mounted on the hub without any keys or mechanical splines. It comes with its own lubrication that should last its […]

Tschan’s Nor-Mex Coupling Designs

The Nor-Mex series of couplings by Tschan are some of the most flexible and rotationally resilient of all coupling designs on the market. This exceptional flexibility enables the Tschan Nor-Mex couplings to compensate for angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignments of the two shafts connected by the coupling. Often there are some concerns with regard to the atmosphere that flexible couplings are to be used in, as extreme temperatures or excessive dirt and dust can interfere with their operational functionality. This is a problem faced by most flexible coupling designs, so machines requiring hardier couplings will likely have to settle for a less flexible version. However, Tschan have found a middle ground by using a special rubber to manufacture the […]

Reasons to Buy Industrial Components Through YB Components

Many manufacturers of industrial machinery components make their products available through their own websites or physical premises, so why use a parts supplier like YB Components when you can go directly to the manufacturer themselves? Actually, there are a number of reasons why buying industrial parts such as gearboxes, motors, couplings and clutches through a specialist supplier is better than going directly to the manufacturer. Firstly, most manufacturers are exactly that: manufacturers. Their primary concern is the design and manufacturing of their products. Some of them do have a perfunctory shop or delivery service, but it is usually an afterthought with the vast majority of their efforts going into the design and manufacturing processes. Gearboxes suppliers such as YB Components […]

Sankyo Oilless Bearings and Bushes

Sankyo Oilless Industry are the expert manufacturers of specialised machine parts which can be operated without additional liquid lubrication such as grease or other oily fluids. The Sankyo engineers have designed and created a variety of solid lubricant products which allow many different industrial applications to operate smoothly without any compromise to the efficiency or productivity of the process. Sankyo even use their own smaller parts to create larger machinery components, primarily for the industries that use presses and moulds. Here we take a brief look at some of the many uses that the Sankyo Oilless industry components are have been put to, with a special focus the Sankyo Oilless bearings and Sankyo Oilless bushes and strips. Sankyo Oilless Bearings […]