Industrial Machine Safety Standards After Brexit

Since 1988, industrial machinery safety standards in Britain have been certified by the Code of Practice for Machine Safety (BS 5304:1975). However, since the uncertainty of Brexit arrived, this standard is under review, although until such a review is complete and any amendments to the original standards are announced, all British industrial businesses should continue to abide by the standards detailed in the original Code of Practice. The original documentation is still available in the archives of the British Standards Institution (BSI), under the title of Published Document PD 5304:2014. New Temporary Euro Standards In addition to the old British standards coming under review, the European Commission has temporarily instituted a set of legally-binding standards for suppliers of goods as […]

Osborn Rollers Load Runners

The Load Runner range manufactured by Osborn Rollers features a variety of heavy-duty idler rollers and associated products designed specifically to maintain accuracy and precision during high-capacity load handling tasks. Osborn’s Load Runners provide high precision performance across numerous applications and are available in all standard configurations, including either metric or imperial, stud or yoke, as well as ranging in rolling sizes up to 12” (30.5cm). The reliable Load Runner rollers will also help to significantly reduce your overall material handling system costs. Specific Attributes of Osborn Load Runners Osborn’s engineers have designed their product to have a unique profile for each and every suitable application, applying their engineering and manufacturing expertise to truly set the Load Runners brand apart […]

Industrial Gearboxes and Transmissions

The words ‘gearbox’ and ‘transmission’ are often used interchangeably, though there are differences as to what each actually means. The differences will be largely dependent on which side of the Atlantic ocean you come from, but with so many excellent industrial gearbox manufacturers out there, it is worthwhile pausing a moment to consider what each term actually means according to who. Transmission or Gearbox? Transmission exists within a power transmission system, which then enables a controlled application of the power being generated. Gearboxes use gears and gear-trains to generate power by converting speed and torque from a rotating power source into another device. The word ‘transmission’ as applied in British English refers directly to the entire drive-train and incorporates the […]

Rulmeca Bulk Handling Rollers

The Rulmeca Group, comprised of the Precismeca, Melco and Rulmeca brands, understands that the movement of goods and especially bulk materials requires state of the art methods and machinery. With a specialised technical competence accumulated over fifty years of experience, the Rulmeca Group have become an international leader in the production of such components and equipment for all types of conveyors. Rulmeca’s range of belt conveyors for bulk handling purposes is especially revered in the multitude of industries they are used in. Their product range includes steel rollers and thermoplastic rollers with rubber rings for impact and return stations. There are also transoms and garland sets for carrying, return and self-aligning stations, as well as drive and idler pulleys for […]

Rulmeca Rollers

Rulmeca has established themselves as one of the world’s most important and reliable manufacturers of industrial rollers and associated products. Their roller designs are suited to any type of conveyor and automated system, with their advanced design and production techniques enabling their products to produce the highest performances in industrial applications even in the most demanding and extreme conditions. Rulmeca Conveyor Rollers The material handling conveyor rollers Rulmeca manufacture represent the highest quality standards in conveyor roller manufacturing thanks to Rulmeca’s in-depth research dedicated to identifying the most suitable materials for a wide variety of industrial applications. They also regularly invest in updating and upgrading their sophisticated production machinery. An additional factor in the high quality of Rulmeca rollers is […]

Agricultural Machinery: Tractors

When most people think of agricultural machinery, they think of a tractor. There are many other types of machine used in modern agriculture such as planters, sprayers and combine harvesters, but the tractor endures as the iconic symbol of farm work and agricultural machinery. Tractors are especially useful for agricultural work thanks to their powerful diesel engines and extra large chunky tires which enable them to travel easily over different terrains. They are as comfortable on slushy mud as they are on smooth asphalt and boast the kind of power that even the fastest sports cars can only dream of. However, a tractor’s power isn’t designed to make the vehicle go fast, but instead to pull huge and heavy loads […]

Clutch Maintenance Advice

Clutch maintenance is an oft overlooked part of keeping industrial vehicles in good running order. One of the main ways to keep a clutch in good condition is to operate the vehicle with its constant maintenance in mind.  Operating your clutch with care is the best way to ensure that a vehicle with a manual transmission keeps performing at its maximum capacity. Here are three tips to help with the maintenance of industrial clutches. Reduce Heat from Internal Friction One of the most important aspects of clutch maintenance is reducing the amount of heat generated by internal friction. It helps if you avoid situations that increase internal friction, such as when the clutch is partially engaged, sometimes referred to as […]

Modified Machinery and UK Law

A lot of machinery used in workplaces such as factories, engineering works or agricultural land is either refurbished or modified. Sometimes this happens prior to a change of ownership as it is intended to be re-supplied as second-hand equipment, or it may be modified by the owner for their own use. Such changes to the original machinery are subject to the law, with the extent of the modifications possibly inciting new legal obligations for either the owner or operators of the machinery. If the machinery has been modified or rebuilt to such an extent that it could be considered as an entirely new machine, it will likely be subject to a new conformity assessment with regard to the CE marking […]

Universal Joint Inventors

As one of the leading Universal joints distributors in the UK, YB Components have long taken an interest in the origins of machines and their parts as well as the ongoing development of ever more efficient and productive components. As one of the many industrial machinery parts that YB Components keep local stocks of at their base in Yorkshire, ready to ship them out free all over the UK and the world, universal joint are particularly fascinating. How they were originally conceived is still represented in the names they are known by around the world, with the universal joint being a component that has quite a few different monikers depending on who you speak to. Here we take a quick […]

All About Clutches

Clutches are an integral part of many different types of vehicle and industrial machine. Their applications typically involve any devices that have two rotating shafts where one of the shafts must be powered by a motor or pulley while the other shaft drives another element of the device. Drills are a nice simple example, as they contain one shaft being driven by a motor and driving another shaft that drives the drill bit. In this instance it is the clutch that connects the two shafts together so they rotate at the same speed. Many other examples of clutches see the shafts decoupled to spin at different speeds. There are many possibilities when it comes to clutch design, with YB Components […]