Swati Pulley Variable Speed Pulleys

  New to the range of machinery components available through YB Components are Swati Pulley, who produce solutions for belt driven variable speed applications. Since commencing commercial production in 1990, Swati Pulley has achieved a leading position in the Indian machinery parts manufacturing market. The company has a reputation for high product quality, performance and reliability, so here we will highlight just a few of the excellent products Swati Pulley suppliers YB Components are making available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Swati Pulley Fixed Centre Drive The Swati Pulley Fixed Centre Drive pulleys have a speed variation ratio of 1:7 and use wide V-belts for the drive. They allow the […]

Laifual Drive Planetary Gear Reducers

Laifual Drive design and build some of the most reliable and long lasting planetary gear reducers, and their excellent products are now available through Laifual Drive distributors YB Components. As well as being maintenance-free and long lasting, Laifual’s high precision harmonic reducers have characteristics such as low temperature rise, low starting torque with a high torque maximum, and a big speed ratio matched with a compact small size. These attributes make the Laifual Drive products popular for use with industrial and service robots as well as medical equipment and high precision automation equipment. Here is a quick introduction to the four series of planetary gear reducers available through the UK’s leading Laifual Drive suppliers. LFB Series – Laifual Drive Planetary […]

What Causes Gear Motor Failure

There are a variety of reasons why geared motor units fail so it is wise to have a good understanding of them all to better diagnose any recurring problems you have with failing gear motors. The easily avoided reasons for failure are a lack of proper lubricant and inadequate mounting, so make sure you know what oil or grease is required for the specific motor and ensure the mounting is stable and secure. Now we will briefly touch on the other issues that cause failure but which are less easy to detect. Undersized Gear-Motors One of the most common reasons for failure is a geared motor unit being undersized and thus doesn’t produce enough power for the application. This results […]

Two Centuries of Gear Manufacture

YB Components are proud to supply products from two of the longest serving manufacturers of gearboxes and geared motor units in the world. Zurrer and Bauer have been producing gearboxes and related products for almost a combined two hundred years, so here is a little tribute to their enduring quality. Zurrer Gearboxes Based in Stallikon-Zürich in Switzerland, Zurrer celebrated their centenary anniversary just a few years ago. Over the course of their hundred-plus years of manufacturing, they have grown into one of the most reputable producers of gearboxes and geared motors in Europe. They are still a family-controlled company and boast a wide range of Zurrer gearboxes and geared motor products which are distributed around the UK and the rest […]

Top Three Mistakes When Buying Industrial Machinery

Buying a new industrial machine can be the perfect opportunity to help you expand production and grow your business. There are some pitfalls to be aware of though, so here we go through the three biggest mistakes when buying machinery and how to avoid them. 1. Failing to Assess Your Business Objectives The first mistake is not properly assessing your business needs and objectives. Are you looking to increase productivity or acquire a technological advantage over your competitors? Will the new machinery develop your business in the short-term or long-term? Ideally your purchase will serve both your short-term and long-term goals. Also be careful about being distracted by the secondary options of a machine. They may be intriguing but if […]

Machinery Maintenance and Gearbox Repair Services

Machinery maintenance is important for keeping mechanical assets in good working order as it minimises the need for costly downtime. Machinery maintenance will usually involve a schedule of regular servicing such as routine checks, repairs and the replacement of worn components.  Often the maintenance of industrial machinery is implemented reactively once a machine shows signs of impeded performance, such as a firm calling upon a gearbox repair service after the gearbox has broken down. It can also be handled proactively using various preventive and predictive measures. Proactive maintenance can be the more advisable strategy in certain circumstances as it keeps machinery in good condition without requiring downtime for repairs. Machinery monitoring equipment can detect performance fluctuations and detect problems before […]

Choosing Machinery Lubricant

Researching and investing in the right lubricant for your industrial applications can save your serious money by helping to maximise your equipment’s performance and efficiency. Without the right lubricant for your machinery applied in the correct way, you are inviting components to break down and require repairs which result in costly downtime for your machines. The ideal lubricant will optimise your operations whether you’re using pacific linear bearings, parallel shaft gearboxes or any number of pneumatics industrial components, so here is a quick guide to finding the right lubricant oil or grease for your needs. Application Specifications The most important factor in choosing the right machinery lubricant is ensuring that it is suitable for the application it will be used […]

Know Your Freewheeling Clutch Types

There are four different types of freewheeling clutch, also known as overrunning clutches. They are all used to freewheel or overrun in one direction while maintaining the driving rotational force in a different direction. One of the main characteristics of all freewheeling clutch occurs when the driven shaft rotates faster than the driving shaft. When this happens, an overrunning clutch will disconnect the driving shaft from the driven shaft. This makes such clutches ideal for use with heavy duty applications and when backstops and dual or one-way drives are required, as well as with multiple speed drives. The usefulness of a freewheeling clutch makes them a popular choice for machinery used in industries such as mining, agriculture and metal processing. […]

Guide to Working with Gear-Motors

There are a lot of different types of gearmotor with many variables to consider when identifying the right one for any given application. To help with the selection and specification process, here is a quick guide to working with gear-motors. Determining Gear Motor Size As YB Components are experienced gearboxes suppliers, we know that improper sizing is usually one of the most common mistakes made when selecting a geared motor unit. When you are determining the required size of a geared motor unit for a particular application, there are two important factors regarding the gearbox output shaft that you must consider first. These are its speed measured in rpm, and how much torque it can produce. To figure out the […]

How Clutches Work and Common Clutch Problems

Clutches are everywhere in all kinds of machinery, and often in places you wouldn’t even expect. Everyone knows a manual transmission car works with a clutch, but they actually have more than one. Perhaps more surprisingly, cars with automatic transmission also have clutches. There are clutches in smaller machines like cordless drills and even chain saws, which have a centrifugal clutch. In fact, any machinery or device using two rotating shafts will benefit from a clutch. Why We Need Clutches Usually one of the rotating shafts will be driven by a motor or sometimes a pulley, while the second shaft drives another element of the machine. Clutches, like those available through industrial clutches supplier Yorkshire-based YB Components, connect the two […]