Siraflex Spring Balancers

              Spring tool balancers are the ideal aid for helping with the manoeuvre of awkward or heavy tools and machinery. Siraflex tool balancers are specifically designed to take the weight of the load and allow the operator to move it around with ease. This enables tasks which require heavy machinery to be completed quicker, safer and far more efficiently. Here we take a look at some of the Siraflex spring balancers available through YB Components. The different flex types and load capacities mean the different models can be adapted for very different purposes. Siraflex Type A – Steel Braided Nylon Coated Wire There are two types of Siraflex Type A, and this first one […]

Pemaks Pneumatic Cylinders and Industrial Parts

                          Pemaks Pneumatic Cylinders was founded back in 1963 by two brothers who began by producing simple products such as nuts, bolts and hose sockets in their small workshop. Just over a decade later and they had expanded the business so much that they became Turkey’s first pneumatic cylinders manufacturers. Since then, Pemaks have grown into a global brand, exporting their pneumatic industrial parts across three continents, with the Pemaks parts becoming integral components of many of the world’s largest manufacturing business operations. They have achieved TSEK and ISO 9001 quality management certificates and continue to combine the most advanced technologies and up to date manufacturing techniques in […]

Enemac Couplings and Torque Limiters

Enemac are a German-based clutch and coupling manufacturer who also specialise in the design and production of other specialist shaft locking devices such as torque limiters. They have been producing high quality industrial components ever since their founding in 1981, and their products are now used all over the world in thousands of different applications. Here we take a closer look at the Enemac coupling and Enemac torque limiter products. Enemac Couplings The Enemac couplings suit a variety of shafts. They are compensating couplings which are specifically designed to be backlash-free with a conformal transfer between torques, which basically means they are extremely reliable and will maintain their positional accuracy throughout the operation. There are several different kinds of Enemac […]

Zimmer Brakes and Zimmer Clamps

The Zimmer Group that are behind the Zimmer brakes and Zimmer clamping technologies are able to produce such high quality products thanks to the large development team they employ in their state of the art offices and workshops. They have that German knack for precise technology creation, as well as what they describe as an ‘insatiable curiosity and pioneering spirit’ that they firmly believe is the key to the company’s incredible rise to global renown over the past few decades.   Today, the Zimmer Group employs over 900 people to help design and develop as well as manufacture their products. They have been experiencing double digit growth for several years now and boast an annual turnover of significantly more than […]

Italian Gearbox Manufacturers

The automotive industry in Italy has always been a relatively large employer in the country and a significant contributor to Italy’s national GDP. It is estimated that there are between 2,000 and 3,000 firms primarily manufacturing smaller cars for use within cities, though it is perhaps the well known and beloved sports car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini that the Italian automobile industry is most famous for.   Among these many Italian car manufacturing businesses are a lot of parts manufacturers who produce the likes of specialist gearboxes and geared motor units for use in a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications.   These gearbox manufacturers include DZ Trasmissioni, Spaggiari, Motori Bonora and the magnificently named Rotex Ellettromeccanica. […]

Maier Rotary Joints by Maier Heidenheim

Maier Heidenheim are one of the most experienced manufacturers of rotary joints in the world. They create their high quality and reliable rotary joint products by aiming to integrate what they describe as their traditional core values of comprehensive customer-driven usability combined with a solid technological infrastructure based on the very best current and emerging technologies.   The company has been expanding for years and now has a very wide-reaching global presence, with Maier Heidenheim branch offices in Italy and China as well as in the United States of America. The company’s brand has a strong international reach of over forty Maier Heidenheim suppliers worldwide, such as YB Components, who guarantee businesses all over the world quick and easy access […]

Exploring Li-Ming Machinery Co Ltd

Li-Ming Machinery Co Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of many different types of industrial machinery components, primarily speed reduction motors, helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers and planetary gear reducers. The Li-Ming company – sometimes stylised as Liming Machinery Co Ltd – have spent many years focusing on upgrading their designs and improving the performance of their gear reducers, gearboxes and motors.   An Industrial Parts Manufacturer Dedicated to Innovation   The company prides itself on adhering to their self-applied principle of innovation, constantly seeking to make design breakthroughs which can influence the industry on the whole. Their philosophy involves a combination of technical efficiency and high-tech equipment operated by skilled technicians. The proof is in the pudding, so […]

CKD Actuators: Pioneering Technology

Originally founded as the Japanese Aircraft Electric Company nearly three quarters of a century ago, CKD Pneumatic Components has long been established as one of the world’s leading pioneers in automation technology, as well as premium manufacturers of electric actuators. Here we take a quick look at some of the CKD actuator models they have produced, both with a motor integrated into the design and without.   Linear Electric CKD Actuator – CKD Index Motor Integrated   There are three main models of CKD motor integrated actuators. The first we’ll describe here are the KBX and KBZ versions, which are variations of the same model of CKD actuator. The KBX or KBZ actuators have a wide range of horizontal load […]

Zimmer Damping Technology

The Zimmer Group manufacture premium products for the likes of the mechanical and plant engineering sector. The Group started out as a family-owned business in the early 1980s, and has since gone on to become one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of specialised industrial machine components.   The Zimmer Group’s products catalogue is wide ranging and includes robot accessories, linear modules, adjustment jaws, cutting tongs, separators, ball joints and many different clamping and braking elements. They are also renowned for their industry leading designs in the field of damping technology, which we will look at in a bit more detail in the following paragraphs.   Zimmer Dampening Products   The range of industrial damping technology produced by the […]

ZIPP Gearboxes

The ZIPP Group is a manufacturer of precision planetary gear reducers, as well as a wide range of professional industrial equipment such as cutting, grinding, construction and surface finishing tools.   ZIPP Gearboxes are used throughout many different types of industry all around the world, hence the need for reliable ZIPP gearbox suppliers such as YB Components. ZIPP’s range of high quality equipment include the likes of professional automotive servicing air tools, industrial air tools, construction air tools, blind fastening systems and torque control systems.   The pneumatic air tools and ancillary products are usually found being used in the automotive service industry, on production and assembly lines and in the construction industry. Perhaps most notably, ZIPP gearboxes and air […]