Heynau H-Drive and Mini Drive

Heynau Getreibe manufacture high quality traction drives that are especially suited to operations where noise reduction is important. Their products are also renowned for having long lives while providing plenty of speed and power transmission options for a wide variety of applications. Below we take a closer look at the H-Drive and Mini Drive from the Heynau product catalogue. Heynau Gearboxes – H-Drive As a mechanical variable speed drive, the Heynau H-Drive is one of the most popular and reliable traction drives on the market. The all-steel construction is very basic and only features a few components which promotes reliability. These Heynau gearboxes are ideal for applications that require quiet operation as well as premium precision and a steady speed […]

Learning about Heynau Gearboxes

Heynau gearboxes are some of the best mechanical variable speed drives on the market, with their simple construction consisting of just a few components making them highly efficient and reliable. Known as Heynau getreibe in the company’s native Germany, the Heynau gearboxes are renowned not only for their efficient operational capacities, but for their durability and noise-reducing design.   While YB Components are able to ship these excellent speed drives and components all over the world, they also have the capacity to recondition old units via their repair services (more information on which is at the bottom of this article), though of course the success of this does depend on the condition and age of the unit.   Heynau Gearboxes […]


HEYNAU GETRIEBE + SERVICE GMBH YB Components can supply new Heynau gearboxes  in just a few days. We are also able to recondition old units – subject to condition and age. Send us your broken unit for a free quote HEYNAU have been manufacturing drive technology since 1931. Infinitely traction drive (H drive and Mini Drive) and geared motors represent an important area of their product portfolio dar. In addition HEYNAU is the ideal partner when it comes to developing and manufacture of special transmissions for the production of special elements or go to service and repair of transmissions and industrial coolers

Industrial Gearbox Manufacturers

There are many industrial gearbox manufacturers of renown from a variety of countries around the world, but thanks to industrial gearbox distributors like YB Components, these high quality gearbox products are accessible to every business wherever they are based. Here we highlight just a handful of the industrial gearbox manufacturers whose parts, gears and motors are available to be shipped out upon request by YB Components. Heynau Gearboxes Heynau Gearboxes (Heynau Getreibe for German speakers) utilise a simple construction method consisting of a minimum of components which helps make their products especially efficient and reliable. Keeping their gear constructions simple also enables Heynau to manufacture gearboxes that boast a significant noise reduction compared to other designs. It is also worth […]

Parts Suppliers Play Vital Part in the Industrial Sector

The manufacture of industrial machinery components is one of the most global and internationally diverse industries in the world. For example, there are several high quality gearbox manufacturers dotted around the globe in various countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The same can be said for many of the other important machine parts such as couplings and variable speed belts.   With so many different manufacturing brands to choose from, and with many specialising in specific parts for specific purposes, it’s important that these products are made available to businesses who may need them no matter where their operations are based. That’s why parts suppliers like YB Components are so important to the industrial machinery sector. No matter which […]

Industrial Noise Reduction

Thanks to government legislation along with increased awareness of the dangers of excessive noise, there have been many recent innovations which help reduce the din made by industrial machinery. For example, modern gearboxes and geared motors often feature couplings and components which are specifically designed to help reduce noise either through the material they are made from or via a design mechanism which minimises impactful contact between particular surfaces.   While the health and safety of employees such as machine operators or simply those who work in the vicinity of industrial machines is of paramount importance, there are other reasons why an industrial business may seek to soundproof its factories and reduce the noise of its machines as much as […]

Gearbox Maintenance: Top Five Tips

There are a lot of different gearbox styles out there but they all require the same thing: careful maintenance. To maximise the performance of your gearbox, it is always wise to conduct regular inspections to ensure it is running at its optimal capacity. However, a full-on inspection will usually require your machine to undertake unnecessary downtime, though this is still better than requiring a gearbox repair service because you didn’t catch a problem in time.   There are plenty of extra bits and bobs we can do to care for our gearboxes, but in the interests of brevity, here’s a rundown of the top five tips for gearbox maintenance.   Minimise Environmental Effects for Increased Performance   Gearboxes are often […]

Vital safety functions in pneumatic systems

YB Components has years of experience sourcing and supplying specialist parts such as Sira spring tool balancers, Bevel helical components, Conax clutches, Enemac shaft locking devices, and a whole host of other vital machinery parts. Our database of more than 150,000 manufacturers throughout America and Europe include specialist pneumatic components for pneumatic systems. Pneumatics is a type of engineering, which utilises pressurised air or gas. It is common for pneumatic systems to be powered by either compressed inert gas or compressed air. These highly skilled mechanical processes are most commonly used in mills, factories, construction, and other technology and building arenas. If you do work with pneumatic systems and are interested in the different vital safety functions within the systems, […]

Using industrial components in upcycling projects

Industrial interior design is all the rage these days. The ‘warehouse look’ that combines industrial features such as stainless steel surfaces, vintage furniture and metal light fixtures with other styles, are proving to be a popular look both in residential and commercial interior design. Industrial components can play a key role in these super fashionable interiors. From a Sirem gearbox that’s no longer required, a Planox clutch that’s seen better days and an Orpex coupling which has finally given up the goose, if you’re wandering about what to do with unused industrial components you may have stored and taking up valuable space in a yard, workshop or even home, you may want to think about using such parts for ultra-fashionable […]

Global Industrial Gearbox Market Report 2015 – 2019

Whether it’s a Kumera gearbox, a Sirem gearbox, a Spaggiari gearbox or any other type of industrial gearbox, these essential components are vital in transferring energy from one device to another. Industrial gearboxes are positioned at the junction of the power shaft and the motor and offer a degree of variation based on the arrangement and the construction of the gears. Based on these configurations, the operational characteristics of these important mechanical parts differ. According to the Global Industrial Gearbox Market 2015 – 2019 Report, the global industrial gearbox industry is set to grow at a CAGR rate of 5.41 percent during the period 2014 – 2019. The report is based on in-depth market analysis with opinion and input from […]