SGR Helical Gear Motors  

SGR Gear Motors make sure to never compromise on quality when manufacturing their products, thus each of their SGR helical gear motors pass strict quality controls as well as receive a full inspection before being shipped to SGR gearboxes suppliers like YB Components. Every SGR gear motor is CE and DNV-ISO 900:2008 certified, so you can rest assured you are receiving good quality gear reducers when you order through UK-based SGR gearboxes suppliers. Series G – SGR Helical Gear Motors The Series G of SGR helical gear motors is the ideal solution for many drive applications thanks to its extremely variable speed range. These helical gear motors from SGR Gear Motors are also compact and versatile, as well as cost […]

Aokman Worm Gearboxes and Gear Motors   

Aokman Drives have manufactured some high quality Aokman worm gearboxes and Aokman worm gear motors that suit a wide range of applications. Here we look closer at the RV Series of Aokman worm gearboxes and geared motors. RV Series Worm Gearboxes The housings of the RV Series of Aokman worm gearboxes are either made with cast iron or a quality aluminium alloy that is light weight and will not rust. The aluminium alloy versions are models RV025 and RV090 and have been treated with after-shot blasting, anti-corrosion treatment and phosphating. The cast iron versions are the RV110 and RV150 models and have been after-painted with anti-rust paint. There are also two optional worm wheel materials, including tin bronze or aluminium […]

What is a Brushless DC Gearmotor?   

Brushless DC gearmotors or geared motors were originally developed to solve certain performance issues inherent with conventional brushed DC motors. The ZD brushless DC gearmotor, for example, is smaller and lighter than similar brushed versions, and yet generates less noise and has a longer service life. Brushed vs Brushless DC Motors Brushed DC motors are quite an old technology, invented as they were in the 19th century. They are still common, although the newer brushless DC motor designs became possible in the 1960s after the development of solid state electronics. The difference between the two motors is the sliding mechanical commutator contact used by the brushed DC motor. In the brushless version, it is replaced with an electronic servo system […]