Simogear Servo Geared Motors by Siemens

The Simogear servo geared motors available through Siemens suppliers YB Components are well known for their versatility, demonstrated by the wide range of geared motor variants that Siemens manufacture for their Simogear product catalogue. Simogear servomotors are equipped with precise and efficient planetary gearboxes that make them suitable for many different types of applications. They boast smooth running operation and compactness in motion control applications, and come with a number of mounting options. In this article, we will focus on the excellent Simogear servo geared motors with planetary gearboxes. Simogear Servomotors with Planetary Gearboxes The Simogear servomotors equipped with planetary gearboxes are highly dynamic, compact and efficient drive units. There is a pre-mounted gearbox solution in the form of the […]

Homwing Harmonic Reducers

Homwing harmonic reducers have recently been added to the YB Components catalogue, and the high quality Homwing gear drives are ready to ship out whenever our customers need them. They are a relatively new company and some folks may not have heard of them yet, so here we will introduce the gear drive manufacturer and highlight a couple of their excellent products that are available through Homwing suppliers YB Components right now. A Brief History of Homwing Harmonic Reducers The Shenzhen Homwing Technology company was founded in 2014 and based on the long-term accumulated experience that the founders have in mechanical design and manufacturing. They have since been developing various types of harmonic reducers and gear drives to suit a […]

Aokman Drive Suppliers   

YB Components recently became Aokman Drive suppliers and their excellent gearbox products are now available to order. In this article below, we will focus on just one of their high quality gearboxes and go into detail about the specifications and the suitable applications. ATA Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox – Technical Specifications The ATA Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox from Aokman Drive offers absolute reliability and low maintenance performance. It has a nodular cast iron (ductile iron) housing with hardened helical gears made from 20CrMnTi, which is a carburised steel with high level properties. After being carburised, quenched and ground during the gear processing stage, the gear material has a tough and wear-resistant surface and a strong, robust core. The surface hardness […]

Siemens Gear Motors and Simogear Suppliers in the UK

Siemens are a technology company who develop and manufacture a variety of high quality gear motor products known as Simogear for industry, infrastructure, transport and healthcare. They pride themselves on their resource-efficient factories and resilient supply chains, as well as their use of smart technology in their buildings and grids. They also promote a cleaner transportation system and aim to create technology that brings real value to their customers. The range of Siemens gear motors is now available to UK customers through Simogear suppliers YB Components. The range includes bevel Simogear geared motors and parallel shaft gear motors, as well as servo gear motors. They also make helical gear motors, worm gear motors and helical worm gear motors. A Brief […]

ZD Motor High Precision Gears and Motors   

ZD Motor specialise in the development and manufacture of high precision gears, motors, micro-motors and motor controls, which are now available through ZD Motor suppliers YB Components. Since the company’s founding in 1998, ZD Motor has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geared motor units. A Brief History of ZD Motor Originally founded as Zhongda Motor, they started out with the production of three-phase asynchronous Y-series motors before soon beginning the development and manufacture of mini-AC gear motor units. By 2005, they were developing and producing mini-DC gear motors, and would soon open their second factory. ZD Motor began developing and building BLDC gear motors and door gear motors in 2008, and then introduced servo-helical gearboxes and planetary […]