SGR Gearboxes and Speed Reducers

SGR gearboxes and gear reducers are now available to customers of SGR suppliers YB Components. The manufacturer has a range of inline and right angle planetary gearboxes, as well as some worm gear and helical gearboxes. The Shanghai SGR Heavy Machinery Company is one of the leading industrial gearbox manufacturers in China. They have been developing their product range over the last 20 years for use with the most demanding industrial applications. During this time the company has become one of China’s leading specialists in speed reducer technology, with their products popular in the mining and metal working industries, as well as in marine tech and rubber production. Here is a quick overview of the N Series of SGR planetary […]

AMC Mecanocaucho Hydraulic Cones and Mounts

The range of AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts is extensive and there are many excellent products available through AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers YB Components. Here we focus on the Hydraulic Cone Mount and Hydro Mount. AMC Hydraulic Cone Mount The AMC Mecanocaucho Hydraulic Cone Mount combines a spring component with a hydraulic shock absorber in the shape of a cone. This combination allows both components to be more accurately tuned to each other. The combination also solves a big issue by incorporating both a low dampening coefficient with a high dampening coefficient. This provides this AMC machine mount with good vibration insulation from the low dampening coefficient, as well as excellent movement control from the high dampening coefficient. This enables the application […]

How to Avoid Premature Bearing Failure   

Premature bearing failure can have consequences ranging from costly downtime to catastrophic machine malfunctions. Such issues can be avoided by following the steps outlined below, which will help you keep your operations up and running. Use Appropriate Bearings Choosing the right bearing is of course the very first step to avoiding premature bearing failure. Using the wrong bearings greatly increases the chances of the bearing becoming damaged. Always consider the operating conditions and surrounding environment when selecting the bearings to use. You will also need to consider the size, weight and direction of the load, as well as the operating speed and any possible misalignment experienced by the application. Make sure to re-evaluate your bearing choice should there be any […]

How Packaging Machinery Works

The development of modern packaging machinery has been something of a revolution in industrial sectors. The complete packaging process can now include everything from fabrication, cleaning, filling and sealing to combining, labelling, overwrapping and palletizing. Most packaging operations cannot be conducted without specialist equipment such as vertical packaging machines. Some items require heat sealers to prepare or seal a package, with the effectiveness of the heat seal often critical to product safety. Packaging machinery consists of many different constituent parts, including control pulleys, bearings, couplings and conveyor belts and chains. These parts often suffer wear and tear through regular operation but can be individually replaced to maintain the machinery’s optimal performance level. A conveyor chains supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components […]