AVE Chains Solutions

AVE Chains manufacture high quality line modular belts, conveyor chains and plate chains. The company started back in 1953 and will be celebrating their 70th anniversary next year. They design their products to be easy to install while retaining high resistance properties that generate very low amounts of friction. The AVE products available through AVE Chains suppliers like YB Components are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can be used with or without anchors or other clamping materials. The products manufactured by AVE Chains are reliable and robust, and can be the solution for many industrial problems. Let’s take a closer look at these AVE Chains solutions. Standard Ave Chains and Belts The standard chains and belts available […]

Condition Monitoring Explained

Most plant managers will have heard of predictive maintenance as a way to maximise the service life of industrial machinery, but gearboxes suppliers know that condition monitoring takes this approach to the next level. Whether it is something necessary for a particular plant or site will depend on how much machinery is involved, how complex the machinery is and the operational demands placed upon the machinery. There will be some smaller plants with fewer or simpler machines that will probably be fine enough with standard maintenance, though you will still run the risk of needing gearbox repair services every now and then. Larger plants however, with their more complex and operationally rigorous machinery, can absolutely benefit from having a condition […]

The Importance of Torque Density

Torque density is an often overlooked parameter when it comes to designing mechanical systems, but understanding it can help build more efficient machines. Engineers and manufacturers consider a number of factors in order to maximise the system’s performance, but calculating the torque density for each and every component in the mechanical system is not yet a commonplace process. It should be though, as a mechanical system designed with torque density in mind will perform better and for longer than a machine designed without any consideration given to torque density. You will still require torque limiter suppliers like Yorkshire-based YB Components, but the overall performance of the mechanical system will be much improved. So what exactly is the difference between torque […]

A History of Microswitches

The humble microswitch will be 90 years old this year, with the first design of its kind first invented in 1932. Since then the devices have undergone various innovations but have always maintained their original premise, which is to be an electric switch actuated with only a very small amount of physical force. Microswitches and the likes of Senotec switching amplifiers are used in a wide variety of industries for different applications. The primary use of a microswitch is when a low driving force with a clearly defined action is required. A secondary use is for long-term reliability, as the construction and operation of microswitches makes them very durable over a long period of time. This is because the internal […]