MGM Electric Motors Worm Gearboxes

While predominantly known for their excellent brake motors, MGM Electric Motors also manufacture a high quality range of worm gearboxes. MGM worm gearboxes are gears that consist of a shaft featuring a spiral thread that engages with and drives a wheel with teeth. They look like a screw that has its threads linked with what looks like a standard spur gear, but with the teeth slightly more angled and curved. The purpose of a worm gearbox is to adjust the rotational movement by 90 degrees. This movement also changes the plane of movement because of the new angle adopted by the worm on the wheel. They work by an electric motor applying rotational power to the worm shaft, which then […]

Deserti Meccanica Variable Speed Pulleys

Deserti Meccanica is an Italian manufacturer of variable speed pulleys, torque limiters and electromagnetic brakes. Their products always have a high standard of quality and well known for reliability and long life spans. History of Deserti Meccanica When the company was founded back in 1974, Deserti Meccanica became the very first Italian company to manufacture and market torque limiters. Now the variable speed pulleys are available through Deserti Meccanica suppliers YB Components. The company was founded by Giorgio Deserti after he gained a lot of experience in the adaptors field. He decided to take a chance on himself with his own company, manufacturing innovative torque limiter technology. Deserti’s idea for the new company had been inspired from his work with […]

Introducing MGM Electric Motors   

Brake motor specialists MGM Electric Motors have arrived at YB Components with local stocks kept ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Known as MGM Motori Elettrici S.p.A. in their native Italy, the family-owned business has been an industry leader in brake motor manufacturing since 1950. They are renowned for the uncompromising quality of their products, which are all developed and constructed at their own plants. They have also opened additional plants in Canada and the United States to serve the North American market. Let’s take a look at the many varied industries and applications where MGM brake motors are used. Applications of MGM Brake Motors The variety of MGM […]

Common Coupling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them   

Industrial couplings are crucial elements of a wide range of machinery, so they must be chosen, installed, and maintained correctly to maximise their performance. Here we list some of the most common mistakes made with couplings, and advise on how you can avoid them. Using an Incorrect Coupling Installing the wrong kind of coupling can be very expensive as it can cause a lot of different problems. Essential specs to consider include shaft size, torque and the RPM rating, as well as the designated operating conditions and tolerances each coupling is designed for. A lot of the problems arising from incorrect coupling use are because of generic couplings, which are an inexpensive option but usually cannot produce the necessary performance […]