V-Belt Failures: Common Causes and Solutions

V-belts are some of the most common components in industrial machinery, with belts suppliers like Yorkshire’s YB Components providing them to all kinds of industries all over the UK and the rest of the world. They are also one of the most problematic machinery components with a variety of ways they can be damaged and impede performance. Here we look at some of the most common causes of v-belt failures and how to avoid them. Slipping V-Belt Slipping belts are often caused by damaged or worn pulleys or incorrect tensioning. A wrong belt cross-section or type will also cause industrial v-belts to slip, as will excessive oil, grease or other fluid or moisture on the pulley. The solutions include checking […]

When to Replace a Transmission Belt  

Replacing a transmission belt is usually a fairly simple task, but one that is crucial to maintaining the optimal performance of the application. Allowing a transmission belt to continue operating while damaged or worn can cause major damage to other parts of the application. This is true for any kind of drive belt, be it for a vehicle or industrial machine. Such repair costs are expensive in of themselves, plus you also have to factor in the additional losses caused by the machine’s downtime during the repair period. It is much better to have a transmission belts supplier ready to ship out the replacement parts you need as and when you need them. To make sure you understand the warning […]

V-Belts Installation and Maintenance Guide

The installation of a variable speed belt, such as those available through a v-belts supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components, begins with a program of preventative maintenance. The program includes taking the proper safety measures before installation to ensure operational safety as well as maximising productivity and the lifecycle of the variable speed belts and associated equipment. Most power transmission drive problems will be down to incorrect installation and maintenance, so getting it right is crucial. Pre-emptive V-Belt Safety Measures The first thing to check is that any variable speed belts to be installed are the correct type for the application. You can contact machinery parts experts like such a v-belts supplier to confirm which part matches with which application. Once […]

Industrial Conveyor Chain Standards   

As a popular industrial chain supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components keep a local stock of a wide variety of conveyor chains that are ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Local businesses in the Yorkshire area can also benefit from same day delivery in urgent situations. Obviously it is a good idea to know exactly what chain you need, but if that is not possible, then the experts at YB Components will be able to identify the specific conveyor chain required for a particular application. There are many different designs and types, of course, so here we will look at two of the standards that cover all quality-manufactured chains between […]