Couplings and Clutches by Desch   

Desch are a German manufacturer that produce a wide variety of excellent gear and drive solutions, as well as numerous coupling and clutch products which are available through coupling suppliers like YB Components. Here we take a quick look at some of the Desch coupling and clutch products available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Desch Habix Couplings The Habix Desch couplings have flexible jaws for a versatile shaft connection that can handle a variety of torque power variables. This flexibility means the two shafts do not need a high accuracy of alignment to connect and perform optimally. The Habix coupling is precise in operation as well as being free of […]

Comparing Ball Screws and Roller Screws  

Electric actuators require screw mechanisms to move loads linearly, with ball screws (or ballscrews) and roller screws the most commonly used. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages that will make either of them more suitable for certain applications, so let’s look at each screw type and the important differences between them. Ballscrews Manufacture and Design Ball screws are so-called because they use re-circulating ball bearings within the screw’s arch-shaped threads and the corresponding nut threads. These bearings rolling through the nut’s circuits are what generates and transmits the required power and motion created by the electric actuator. Actuators using ball screws generally have a high thrust capacity and will usually have a long service life. They are noisy […]

Gear Guide   

As a gearbox supplier, YB Components have a lot of experience supplying many different types of gears and geared motor units. Here we provide a quick rundown of the different gear types and how they work. Spur Gear Spur gears have teeth that project outwards from a cylindrical surface, with the edge of each tooth parallel to the axis of rotation. The teeth of each spur gear mesh together and will transmit power when fitted to parallel shafts. Spur gears are typically used in mechanical applications such as gearboxes and geared motor units to either increase or decrease the speed of a device, plus you can also use a series of mated gears to multiply torque by transmitting motion and […]

Regina Conveyor Chains   

Manufacture of Regina conveyor chains began back in the early 1980s, and the company has since made significant contributions to the technological innovation of the design and development of conveyor chain products. The Regina conveyor chains are particularly known for their reliability and for being made with the best performing materials available. Regina Conveyor Chain Materials Regina Chains offer a complete conveyor chain product portfolio for applications including bottling, packaging, glass, food and can manufacturing. They design and manufacture stainless steel and plastic chains, plastic modular belts and gripper chains. The latter includes an extremely advanced maintenance-free range of gripper chains. Regina produce machined and moulded sprockets as well as lubricated and standard wear strips, return rollers, side guides and […]

Electric Motors Supplier in Yorkshire   

Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, usually with the purpose of creating motion. Products available through an electric motors supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components generate force via interactions between a magnetic field and a winding current. The winding current can be alternating (AC) or direct (DC). There are multiple types of both AC and DC motors, as well as other special purpose electric motor. Let’s look at the different types of electric motors below. Types of AC Electric Motor The main types of AC motor include synchronous and asynchronous, with the latter also known as induction motors. The synchronous motor uses a 3-phase supply, with a stator in the electric motor generating the magnetic field by rotating at […]