Itoh-Denki Distributors and Applications   

The Itoh-Denki motorised drive rollers, controllers and diverter modules available through Itoh Denki distributors YB Components are used in a wide variety of industries and by many well known businesses and brands. They are popular because they efficiently convey and sort all kinds of load sizes and weights from the most basic conveying and routing processes to much more complex sorting conveyor systems. The versatility, ease of installation and simple configuration of Itoh-Denki motorised rollers, controllers and diverter modules means they can be integrated into a huge amount of applications and processes. Itoh-Denki Applications As an Itoh-Denki distributor, YB Components know a lot about the many different applications the Itoh Denki motorised drive rollers, controllers and diverter modules are used […]

Enemac Torque Limiters   

Enemac use a precision manufacturing technique to produce a variety of couplings and shaft locking devices, with the wide range of Enemac couplings making them suitable for many different shaft types. The Enemac shaft locking devices or torque limiters are also made with special high-quality materials and are put through a tough testing procedure to ensure they are safe and reliable. Why Use Torque Limiter Couplings? The Enemac torque limiters are a way to minimise the need for repairs and mechanical stoppages by using torque restriction technology, which basically means they provide protection from overload. The torque limiting protection works by quickly stopping the drive train when a disruption is detected before safely diverting any destructive inertial forces and torque […]

Introducing Regina Chains   

YB Components are pleased to announce Regina Chains as the new addition to their already extensive range of industrial chains and components available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Regina Chains use their deep technical and applications know-how concerning chains and related products in their advanced Research and Development. They have an impressive amount of experience using steel and plastic materials with their in-house manufacturing capabilities to offer the very best industrial chain and conveyor solutions to end users. Regina Chains Now Available Based in Italy, Regina Chains is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of standard and special roller chains and conveyor chains, as well as other belts […]

Itoh-Denki Motorised Drive Rollers Feature

Now available through Itoh-Denki suppliers YB Components are the superb motorised drive rollers for material handling conveyors. Founded 75 years ago, Itoh-Denki has been pioneering motorised drive roller technology and have now established their presence on every continent with a variety of sales offices, assembly facilities and Research and Development centres across Europe and the rest of the world. Itoh-Denki Suppliers UK Itoh-Denki suppliers like YB Components can now provide Itoh-Denki motor rollers to OEMs and integrators, as well as to end-users with material handling intralogistics, components and solutions. The products can be shipped fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. As well as their wide range of motorised drive rollers and controllers for […]