Electronic Industrial Machinery Components

A lot of modern industrial machinery uses electronic components, such as Senotec switching amplifiers which use electronic transistors. Most of these types of parts are available through Senotec suppliers YB Components, so let’s take a closer look at the most common electronic industrial machinery components and what they do. Integrated Circuits Integrated circuits consist of other electronic components including resistors, diodes and the transistors found in Senotec switching amplifiers, all described below. These components are contained upon a small piece of silicon and together they operate as an electronic circuit that can enhance the efficiency of a larger electronic device. This has the main purpose of reducing the manufacturing cost of the larger device, as well as allowing it to […]

Ancillary Products and Rare Parts   

The main products supplied by YB Components are usually gearboxes and motors, couplings and clutches, plus a variety of variable speed pulleys and belts. However, there is also a large selection of ancillary products and rare parts which don’t fit into any of the more popular product categories. Here we take a look at a few of these rarer products, most of which can be found in our Ancillary Products section. Vulkollan Wheels Vulkollan wheels can be found on many different types of industrial machinery. They are pretty much the industry standard for both light weight and heavy duty applications. Constructed with a special polyurethane that contains a very powerful elastomer, Vulkollan wheels are designed to have high prolongation, elongation […]

Becker Pulleys: Asymmetric Adjustable Pulley Technology

The asymmetrical pulleys using the Becker System have a lot of advantages over other similar types of pulley technology. One of the main benefits is that Becker belts, including the asymmetrical V-belts, have a lower belt volume which creates a superior lateral rigidity as well as generating less heat during operation. This in turn results in a higher load capacity for Becker pulleys and ensures a significantly longer service life. Asymmetric output pulleys can also be equipped with torque-dependent pressure cams to prevent slippage of the Becker belts during peak operational capacity and even during overload. This is achieved automatically as the pressure cams optimise the axial pressure of the V-belt. There are four of the Becker pulleys available through […]

Rectus Hose Coupling Designs   

The Rectus hose coupling is a quick connection device that lets you connect hoses easily and often with just one hand. There are various designs of the Rectus hose coupling so we will go through a few of them below. Rectus Hose Coupling Type 20 There are two versions of the Type 20 hose coupling by Rectus, both of an extremely small design that maintain a high performance. The first features one-sided connections and the second has a double seal where the housing and male connecting part have a valve. Both Type 20s can be coupled and uncoupled with one hand. Applications for the Type 20 Rectus hose coupling include industrial robotic machinery and medical or dental medicine machinery and […]