Laifual Drive Applications

The gear reducers that Laifual Drive manufacture are used in a wide variety of industries and for many different applications. Some of their products are hard at work in the aviation industry, as well as several others commonly used in the manufacture of communication equipment. Here we will take a closer look at some of the other industries and applications where parts available through Laifual Drive suppliers are often used. Robotics Industrial robots mostly consist of six main types, including cartesian, cylindrical, delta, polar, vertically articulated and SCARA. There are other types of robot configurations, but these six are the most common throughout the majority of industries using such robotics. The Laifual Drive products used with such robots include the […]

Wrapflex Couplings

Wrapflex couplings use material-flexing that does not require any lubrication. They are used in a wide variety of applications across many different industries due to their superior vibration damping properties and high misalignment capacity. These qualities of wrapflex couplings help extend the life of the equipment they are used with, and are always easy to replace. The wrapflex couplings by Falk Couplings are some of the best known of this coupling type, with Falk suppliers YB Components keeping local stocks of these excellent wrapflex couplings ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Benefits of Wrapflex Couplings The special element used in the manufacture of wrapflex couplings to provide a high […]

A New Mezzanine Flooring Solution?

One of the most useful solutions for maximising the space of a warehouse, factory or manufacturing plant is mezzanine flooring. It allows workspaces to create additional floors to use the vertical space above the usual flooring of the building. Previously, mezzanine floors have been static, but now a new ‘modular’ mezzanine flooring solution provides businesses with more flexibility to scale the extra flooring according to their business needs. A ‘Completely Different’ Capacity Solution The modular mezzanine product has been created by U.S. firm Custom Industrial Products and their Vice-President of National Sales, Kevin Powers, said: “This modular approach provides a completely different way of solving your capacity issues. Instead of custom building a solution to fit the needs of your […]

Motor Manufacturers

There are a lot of high quality motor manufacturers around the world and it is the job of a motors supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components especially, to ensure these parts are available to the likes of engineering, agricultural and industrial businesses everywhere. Local stocks of these motors are kept in YB Components’ Yorkshire base, and companies within this area can even expect same day shipping. While we also ship fast and free all over the world, our proximity to any businesses located in places like Castleford, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract and Knottingley, means there need not be any delay in acquiring your replacement motors. Below we highlight a couple of the more recent additions to the long list of gearbox and […]