Linix Motors   

Linix Motors originated in 1968 and has become one of China’s key high-tech enterprises focusing on motor products such as AC motors and permanent magnet DC motors. They also specialise in brushless and stepper motors, servo motors and other micro motors. The range of products available through Linix Motors suppliers also includes electric push rod actuators, parallel shafts, worm gears, planetary gear reducers and a wide variety of motor drives. The Linix motor products are frequently used in applications such as access control systems, rail transit and industrial automation, as well as in the aerospace industry. Here we will take a closer look at a few of the popular products available through Linix Motors suppliers. Linix Motors – YN100 Series […]

Transmission Belts Guide  

Here is a quick transmission belt guide to help you decide between flat, variable speed and ribbed transmission belts. Flat Transmission Belts A flat transmission belt will usually be made of rubber or synthetic polymer and will be joined at both its ends to create an endless loop. Like all belts, they transmit a mechanical force from one pulley to another pulley, though they differ by having a very high optimal efficiency of 98%. This efficiency is significantly greater than the other belts described below, though this only really counts for lighter loads. They are often employed in large pulleys where wide and flat belts are able to produce more power at higher speeds. Flat transmission belts also tend to […]

AMT Slide Rails and PMI Linear Guideways

There are many advantages to be gained by using PMI linear guideways, or AMT slide rails as they are sometimes called in reference to the brand’s previous name. Here we will look at the benefits of using the PMI-AMT linear guideways in industrial slide rail applications. High Accuracy and Repeatability of AMT Slide Rails The PMI linear guideways or AMT slide rails are designed to have high positioning accuracy with a strong repeatability factor. The rolling motion design has a low friction coefficient, greatly reducing the difference between the static and dynamic friction elements and preventing any sticking or slipping. Low Frictional Resistance of PMI Linear Guideways The low frictional resistance also means that the high precision can be maintained […]

Universal Joints: How They Work

Universal joints are a mechanism for transmitting power or rotational movement through two misaligned shafts. They compensate for misalignment between the shafts to keep the rotations of the shafts smooth instead of jerky. They are used in many industrial applications and there is a wide variety available through universal joints suppliers YB Components. Here we explain the common universal joint designs and their applications, as well as take a brief look at their development throughout history. Typical Universal Joints Manufacture The centrepiece of a typical universal joint will have four points like a cross which then connect to two special connectors called yokes positioned at right angles to each other. The most common type is called the Cardan or Hooke […]

Crowned Tooth Gear Couplings Explained

The mechanical components that connect the ends of two shafts are called couplings or gear couplings, with one of the most interesting designs being the crowned tooth gear coupling. This type of coupling features crowned teeth on the outside of the hub which acts as an additional external gear. A major part of any coupling’s job is to eliminate or minimise any misalignment between the two shafts. Such misalignments often occur during operations due to the movement of the application and any subsequent vibrations, shocks or impacts. How to Make Crowned Tooth Gear Couplings To create the crowned teeth on the hub of a crowned tooth coupling requires a gear manufacturing process called hobbing. This gear hobbing process is very […]