How to Operate a Compressor Safely

We supply many parts for industrial machines such as compressors, with manufacturers like Flender Couplings making specialist parts for such applications. We often focus on the parts themselves and their various specifications on our blog, but here we will take a wider view at compressor machines themselves, specifically an industrial air compressor, and how to operate it safely. Industrial air compressors are often employed in manufacturing plants and they come with a variety of health and safety concerns. First and foremost it is of paramount importance that every employee operating the machine is fully trained, and non-operating employees fully educated in the dangers so they don’t make unwitting mistakes that undermine the machine’s safe operation. Let’s look at three of […]

World’s Longest Conveyor Belts

As a conveyor roller belts supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know a lot about conveyor systems and all the necessary parts and maintenance required to keep them running smoothly. So, it is astounding to learn exactly how long some of the world’s longest conveyor systems are. Here’s a quick look at the record-breaking conveyor systems around the world. World’s Longest Single Conveyor System According to the renowned world record compiler Guinness Book of Records, the longest single conveyor system in the world is located in Western Australia, running between the Mount Saddleback mine and the Worsley refinery near Collie. It is over 19 miles long as the crow flies, though actually travels over 31 miles during its winding journey. The belt […]

Carlisle High Performance Belts  

There are quite a few variable speed belt designs in the Carlisle v-belts catalogue, so here we will quickly run through the most popular Carlisle variable speed belts and their unique characteristics. Carlisle Synchronous Belts The energy efficient Carlisle Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE) belt has a unique Z-shape design which serves as the air-cooling heat exchanger.  The ACHE belt drives also have a vertical shaft to give them an upward lateral movement which greatly reduces wear and tear. The Cotton Drive Carlisle variable speed belts are made to replace OEM belts on cotton gin drives. They are one-inch pitch timing belts that have been specially designed for use in harsh conditions. The tensile members of these belts have been constructed […]

The History of Drive Chains

The history of the drive chain technically dates back thousands of years, though it was only in the last couple of centuries that it really became a widespread machinery component with the advent of bicycles and automobiles. Here we take look at the interesting development of drive chain technology through the ages. History of the Drive Chain The first known use of a drive chain dates back around five thousand years to the 3rd century BCE where something similar was used with a mechanical bolt thrower or ballista by the Ancient Greeks. One particular ballista design was called the Polybolos and could fire multiple consecutive bolts in a row with two flat-linked chains connected to a windlass that wound back […]