Flender Couplings Quick Guide  

There are a lot of Flender couplings available through Flender suppliers YB Components to suit just about every engineering application in the world. Here we go through each Flender coupling design to give you a quick overview as to what each one is for. ARPEX COUPLINGS The Flender ARPEX coupling is an all-steel coupling designed for high speed and high torque applications. These Flender couplings are very compact and boast a particularly good power-to-weight ratio. ARPEX couplings are also very versatile and are considered a universal coupling. BIPEX COUPLINGS Flender BIPEX couplings are also compact, but are even more flexible making them ideal for high speed applications such as geared motors and pump drives. There are different types of BIPEX […]

Gearboxes, Geared Motors or Gear Reducers?

There are a lot of similar sounding terms when it comes to gearboxes and geared motors, especially when you add gear reducers into the mix as well. Here we will give a quick breakdown of these similar terms and what they actually mean. Geared-Motor Unit A geared-motor unit can adjust the speed of a motor or maintain a particular speed for operational purposes while generating torque. The geared motor unit has the ability to generate high torque even at low speeds thanks to the gear-head which acts as a torque multiplier so that a relatively small motor can produce high speeds. A geared-motor unit differs from a gear reducer, though they are often presumed to be the same thing. All […]

Gearbox Basics: Gear Types

Every kind of gear type has its own pros and cons that make it suitable for certain applications and not others. To know what gear you need for a particular machine, you should have a grasp of the basic gear types. Here we break down the pros and cons of three basic gear types. Worm Gearboxes The gears of worm gearboxes are primarily used for right-angle applications. They are self-locking which means they don’t need an additional motor brake in a lot of the applications they are used for. This means they are less expensive than a lot of other gears. Another pro of worm gears is that they operate quietly and fairly smoothly, especially when they run in just […]

Hangsin Gearboxes and Motors

The Hangsinco Ltd company’s gear reducer products are now available through Hangsin suppliers YB Components. The company employ an excellent combination of advanced Japanese and German manufacturing technology to produce a range of professional gearboxes and gear motors. Hangsin products can be purchased here. They have been in operation for a decade, slowly expanding while recruiting highly skilled and experienced technical personnel. Hangsin use advanced production testing equipment and special methods that adhere to their own high standards. The business philosophy of the Hangsin gearbox company translates to ‘Market-oriented, quality for survival, service for development, and professional brand building’ which demonstrates the qualities they provide in their products. Here is a quick rundown of the Hangsin gearbox products available through […]