Rotafrix Friction Wheels Rings and Guide Pulleys

Contitech’s Rotafrix friction wheels, rings and guide pulleys are now available through Rotafrix suppliers YB Components. These high performing rubber rolling contact drives are available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

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Known to be exceptionally economical and efficient, the Rotafrix friction rings, wheels and guide pulleys are maintenance-free and produce very little noise during operation.

Both the Rotafrix friction wheels and rings are particularly favoured by machinery and tool manufacturers and in conveying technology applications such as belt conveyors, powered roller conveyors and inverted monorail conveyors. Drum drives are another noted application where Rotafrix friction rings and wheels are especially popular, and their design makes them highly suitable for use with such drum drives.

Rotafrix Friction Wheels

The Rotafrix friction wheels are made of a special rubber compound around a metal hub. They enable excellent friction-locking for power transmissions on vehicles and rail systems.

Rotafrix Friction Rings

The Rotafrix friction feature special elastomer materials to provide optimal performance for rolling-contact drives with high transmission capacities. The rings available through Rotafrix suppliers YB Components consist of a contact face, a base layer and a strength member.

Rotafrix Guide Pulleys

The Rotafrix guide pulleys are made of solid rubber and come in a variety of options including some that include damping elements.

The natural rubber contact face options include a choice between two abrasion-resistant compounds which are suitable for different speeds of operation. The FM Rotafrix guide pulley is suitable for speeds up to 14 m/s, while the FMH version of the Rotafrix guide pulley can handle speeds up to 20 m/s. Both the FM and FMH guide pulleys are ideal for guiding the likes of hoist cages and buckets.

The base layers of Rotafrix guide pulleys come with either a cylindrical or tapered hub. They are made with a special hard elastomer which is secured to the contact face via vulcanization, and within which resides the strength member.

The strength member is what keeps the guide pulley under constant tension. This makes sure that there is always a firm fit on the hub. The strength member of the FM guide pulley is made of steel wires, while the strength member of the FMH model is a  solid steel ring.

Rotafrix Suppliers

All of the Rotafrix guide pulleys, friction wheels and friction rings are available to order through Rotafrix suppliers YB Components. While all UK and beyond orders are shipped fast and free as standard, businesses in the Yorkshire area where YB Components keep their local stocks of Rotafrix products can benefit from same day delivery should an urgent need occur.

If you require any Rotafrix friction wheels, friction rings or guide pulleys, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Rotafrix suppliers.