Rotafrix Friction Rings and Wheels for Drum Drives  

The Rotafrix friction rings and friction wheels developed and manufactured by ContiTech Vibration Control have been designed for use in rolling-contact transmissions, and are particularly suitable for the drum drives of conveyor systems. Both can be used separately but there are some significant differences to be aware of. You can buy Rotafrix products here. Rotafrix Friction Rings or Wheels? The difference between the Rotofrix friction wheels and the Rotafrix friction rings is that the rings are fitted to the wheel body instead of being permanently vulcanized to the rim like the wheels are. Previously, conveyor machine operators had to find their own wheel bodies, sometimes even needing to make their own. Engineers at ContiTech Vibration Control developed the Rotafrix wheels […]

Rotafrix Friction Wheels Rings and Guide Pulleys

Contitech’s Rotafrix friction wheels, rings and guide pulleys are now available through Rotafrix suppliers YB Components. These high performing rubber rolling contact drives are available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. You can buy Rotafrix products here. Known to be exceptionally economical and efficient, the Rotafrix friction rings, wheels and guide pulleys are maintenance-free and produce very little noise during operation. Both the Rotafrix friction wheels and rings are particularly favoured by machinery and tool manufacturers and in conveying technology applications such as belt conveyors, powered roller conveyors and inverted monorail conveyors. Drum drives are another noted application where Rotafrix friction rings and wheels are especially popular, and their design makes […]

AMC Mecanocaucho BSB Anti Vibration Mounts

AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers like YB Components supply a lot of the renowned manufacturer’s different anti vibration mounts. Sometimes we like to run a feature on multiple models in a range, but here we will take a closer look at just one of the exceptional AMC mount designs. Read on to find out more about AMC Mecanocaucho’s rubber and metal BSB anti vibration mount. BSB Anti Vibration AMC Mount The BSB model from the range of AMC Mecanocaucho anti vibration mounts is designed with rubber elements which handle both shear and compressive stress. They have an optimal ratio of stiffness and horizontal stability which make them especially useful when stability is a priority for the application. The BSB AMC mount design […]

Couplings by Reliable Manufacturers  

There are many manufacturers that produce reliable couplings available through coupling suppliers YB Components. Here we take a look at just a couple of them, though the whole range can be viewed in the products section of the website. Desch Couplings: Reliable Flexibility German couplings manufacturer Desch have a series of exceptionally reliable coupling products. The Habix coupling, for example, is a jaw coupling designed to have a flexible and versatile shaft connection which lets it easily cope with a variety of torque power ratings. The Habix’s design ensures that even with some misalignment between the shafts, you will still get a reliable performance. The Desch couplings range also includes the Hadeflex and Orpex couplings, which coupling suppliers YB Components […]

Flender Couplings

YB Components are the UK’s leading Flender suppliers and supply a wide variety of Flender spare parts. Here we take a look at just a handful of the high performing and cost effective Flender couplings available through Flender distributors. Flender Flexible Couplings Flender’s highly flexible couplings feature an elastomer element that compensates for shaft misalignment. The elastomer element also absorbs shocks and impacts, while each model in the range is mateable and easy to assemble. The N-EUPEX Pin Coupling boasts exceptional torsional flexibility. This means they can redirect vibrations away from the operational components of the machinery equipped with them. This function protects the drive train from any of the negative effects usually caused by critical torsional vibrations. The N-EUPEX […]