How Clutches Work and Common Clutch Problems

Clutches are everywhere in all kinds of machinery, and often in places you wouldn’t even expect. Everyone knows a manual transmission car works with a clutch, but they actually have more than one. Perhaps more surprisingly, cars with automatic transmission also have clutches. There are clutches in smaller machines like cordless drills and even chain saws, which have a centrifugal clutch. In fact, any machinery or device using two rotating shafts will benefit from a clutch. Why We Need Clutches Usually one of the rotating shafts will be driven by a motor or sometimes a pulley, while the second shaft drives another element of the machine. Clutches, like those available through industrial clutches supplier Yorkshire-based YB Components, connect the two […]

Gearmotor Output Shaft Orientation

Geared motor units are often classified by their output shaft orientation, which is to say the place from which they power the application. The two most common output shaft orientations are parallel and right-angle gear-motors so we will discuss them in a little more detail below. Differences Between Parallel and Right-Angle Gear-Motors Usually, right-angle geared motor units tend to be less efficient than the parallel gearmotor types, but they have other advantages that make them the preferred option in many cases. A right-angle variety will typically include a worm gear assembly which will take the motor’s rotary motion and redirect it by 90 degrees. Parallel gear motors are more versatile and can come with a variety of configurations including spiral […]

Ball Screw Protection Tips

Motion system components are always susceptible to harsh conditions, especially those with a rolling action like ballscrews. There are plenty of protective additions for other components such as rail covers and protective casings, but the nature of ballscrews makes them particularly vulnerable. Keeping ballscrews safe from extreme temperature changes and contamination is more difficult than with other components, but not impossible. Taking the appropriate measures can absolutely help prevent failure and extend the life of a ballscrew assembly. Materials Used in Ballscrews Manufacture The materials used in the ballscrews manufacture process can determine how resistant to contamination they are. The material used is especially important if the ballscrew assembly will be exposed to liquid contamination such as water, oils and […]

Supror HB Industrial Gearbox

Supror Gearboxes are a professional manufacturer of gearboxes and geared motors as well as planetary and worm gear reducers. Founded in China back in 2003, and then going on to incorporate the finest Italian technological innovations, Supror Transmission have expanded their operations and now export their gearbox products to over a hundred countries across five continents. Here we take a closer look at one of their most popular gearbox products. Supror HB Industrial Gearbox Supror’s HB series of solid shaft industrial gearboxes incorporates two structural forms in the form of the H parallel gearbox and the B right angle gearbox. It features 1-4 grade transmission and has had the number of requisite parts reduced for optimal performance. The number of […]