Industrial Chains and Belts

Chains and belts are crucial components of conveyor belt systems and numerous other industrial applications. Here we take a look at just a couple of the world leading manufacturers whose products conveyor belts suppliers, Yorkshire-based YB Components especially, can ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Ave Chains Spanish chain and belt manufacturer Ave Chains are one of the world’s leading producers of conveyor belt components. They mainly design and build plate chains, modular belts and sliders, but also produce variety of frame accessories and sprockets. The products Ave chains suppliers like YB Components supply are used in many different applications in a variety of industries all around the globe. AVE conveyor chains […]

Gearbox Manufacturers from Around the World

We supply the very best gearboxes and gear-motors from the best manufacturers from all over the world, so here we will highlight just a few of the gearbox builders who’s parts we are proud to supply. Martinena Gearboxes and Gear-Motors Martinena Transmissions are a leading company from Spain who specialise in the manufacture of reducers and geared motors. Their range of products includes multiple types of Corona Worm gearboxes and geared motor units with parallel axes, as well as several varieties of orthogonal gears, coaxial gears and a series of epicyclic gearboxes. They also design and build mechanical variators and electric motors, with many of their products designed to meet specific needs such as applications with cooling towers, extruders or […]

HTD Belts Suppliers

The HTD belt is a rubber timing drive featuring a curvilinear tooth profile. This curvilinear profile enables the HTD belts to offer a much larger contact area with the pulley. This subsequently improves the performance and allows for a lighter construction. HTD Belt Design Improvements HTD belts suppliers, Yorkshire’s YB Components being one, have been supplying these belts as they are an advanced design that improves upon the traditional trapezoidal toothform of standard belts. The improved design creates a more uniform transmission of power when the teeth are meshed together, resulting in increased torque transmission. The much deeper teeth of HTD belts means there is little tooth jumping or misalignment during operation. The lighter construction means less centrifugal loss and […]

Ballscrews Types

There are many different types of ballscrews that suit different purposes and applications, so here is a quick guide to the main types and how they work. Main Types of Ballscrews Standard ballscrews are designed to transmit rotational motion into linear motion. They use a nut running up and down a screw, with ball bearings that move in helical grooves. There are also many types of custom ballscrew which feature various non-standardised specifications. Specialists in ballscrews manufacture also make ground ballscrews which are usually more expensive to build. This is because they are manufactured using a grinding wheel instead of the usual metal rolling technique. Ballscrews suppliers will know that ground ballscrews are often favoured over other types because they […]