Ballscrews Terminologies

There is a lot of jargon related to ballscrews, some familiar and some less so. Ballscrews suppliers don’t often explain what it all means so here we will run through a few of the terms associated with these products that you should know if you have any dealings with applications using ballscrews. Backdrive, Backlash and Creep Backdrive refers to the action of converting thrust motion back into torque motion. It can reduce the efficiency of an application, though its effect can be reduced with a self-locking mechanism. Backlash refers to the movement of a screw and nut from its original position. Creep is similar to backlash, but is caused by the vibrations and shocks from heavy loads, whereas backlash is […]

Special Machinery Components

There are many special machinery parts available through YB Components, who can ship them out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. For customers based locally around Yorkshire in areas such as Castleford, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract and Knottingley, it is even possible to deliver the parts on the same day they are ordered. Here is a quick look at some of the special parts kept in stock and ready to ship. Convey Xonic Belts The Convey Xonic belt is a power transmission elastic belt for roller conveyors. It features longitudinal ribs and is designed to transport a variety of load weights from as light as 1kg and up to as heavy as two […]

Mondall Conveyor Components

Mondall are one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for aluminium profiles. They have been growing as a force within the sector for years now and have been investing in research, development and technology. They boast some of the best engineers and production staff in the industry and are proud to guarantee the quality of their ‘Made in Italy’ products. Mondall are constantly seeking to improve the quality of their products, with the firm dedicated to ensuring absolute reliability and efficiency. Their products are widely used in automation, construction and renewable energy technology. Their accessories are compatible with the majority of 5, 6, 8 and 10-slot aluminium profiles prevalent on the market. Mondall Conveyor Components Mondall’s selection of conveyor components […]

Couplings Manufacturers of the World

There are many coupling products available through couplings supplier YB Components, with many of the manufacturers coming from all over the world. Here we take a look at just a few of the excellent international manufacturers of these important machinery components. China – Tschan Chinese manufacturer Tschan Couplings designs and builds parts that are often used in the metal and steel industry, as well as for various transport systems and automobile manufacturing plants. Tschan make the TNS Series Couplings which come in short or long hub varieties, as well as internal hub versions and others that include brake discs or removable claw rings. The TNS Series of Tschan couplings are equipped with excellent torsion flexibility to compensate for misalignment, with […]

How Anti-Vibration Mounts Work

Anti-vibration mounts are used for reducing or entirely eliminating vibration and noise caused by a machine’s operation. They are usually made from rubber and metal and will be attached to the machine either on or near the bottom. They are useful additions to powerful machinery used across a wide range of sectors including many different types of industrial machinery, air conditioners, compressors and power generators, as well as with many types of military and medical equipment. Benefits of Anti-Vibration Mounts Some people might think that anti-vibration mounts are an unnecessary extra, but they have many benefits which make them worthwhile. They are useful in industries using sensitive equipment as well as those using heavy machinery, as they absorb both low […]