V-Belts and Wedge Belts

As a V-belts and wedge belts supplier, Yorkshire-based YB Components know the importance of understanding the different functions and purposes of the different belt designs. Here we take a quick look at the two belt types, their fundamental differences and the various applications they are designed for. V-Belts V-belts or variable speed belts are best used when accurate synchronisation or timing is not necessary. V-belts are usually a lower cost option with excellent qualities such as quiet running and versatile power transmission efficiency. V-belt applications usually involve industrial drives because of their ease of installation and low cost, as well as the wide range of sizes available. They are usually adaptable to any industrial drive, though can be problematic due […]

Cranes and Crane Wheels

Cranes are important machines for construction and industrial processes because they enable the movement and manipulation of extremely heavy goods and materials. As a Rader Vogel wheels suppliers, Yorkshire-based YB Components present this quick look at two of the most common cranes in industry, as well as the world’s largest crane currently at work right here in the UK. Overhead Crane One of the most frequently used cranes in industry is the overhead crane, sometimes called a bridge crane. You will find overhead cranes in factories as they are specialised for indoor use, and they are especially popular in the steel industry. This type of crane features a hook-and-line mechanism that travels along either a double or single horizontal beam […]

Bearings and High Temperatures

High temperature applications can cause a number of problems for bearings if they are the wrong kind or do not have the correct heat stabilisation. While a standard bearing can typically handle temperatures close to 150 degrees Celsius, higher temperatures than this can cause serious issues which not only reduce their lifespan but will also have a negative impact on their effectiveness and performance. Bearing Problems with High Temperature Applications The main problem is that high temperatures will cause extra wear and tear on the bearings due to the effects that extreme heat can have on the microstructure of the material a bearing is made from. This is a particular problem because bearings create their own friction during operation which […]

Flexible Couplings Guide

Flexible couplings are popular as they are able to accommodate a significant amount of misalignment between the drive and the driven shaft. Where misalignment occurs with a rigid coupling, the result is usually significant damage to the motor and/or the coupling itself. Not that this flexibility allows for a lack of maintenance or as accurate an alignment as possible, but they do provide a little slack. Benefits of Flexible Couplings In machinery applications that involves rotating shafts, a flexible coupling offers protection to the driving and driven shaft components from the damaging effects of misaligned shafts, vibration and shocks. The purpose of a flexible coupling is still to transmit torque from the driving shaft to the driven shaft as with […]