Leading Couplings and Clutches Manufacturers

If you are looking for couplings and clutches from a couplings supplier, Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks from the very best coupling manufacturers from all around Europe and the rest of the world. The local stocks of couplings manufactured by companies such as Falk, Jaure, Kauermann and Reich, mean that YB Components can ship these parts quickly all over the UK and the world. For companies based in Yorkshire, delivery can even be on the same day as the order. Here is a closer look at three of the coupling and clutches manufacturers also in stock. Desch Couplings and Clutches Based in Germany the coupling and clutches manufacturer Desch Couplings have long specialised in the design and manufacture of […]

Bearing Lubrication: Oil or Grease?

Modern bearing lubricants serve multiple functions depending on the application. These include creating a barrier between rolling contact surfaces or sliding contact surfaces. The lubricant also protects surfaces from corrosion and seals it against contaminants. Some lubricants such as oil also provide heat transference, which is why it is one of the two major lubricant types primarily used in industry along with grease. Oil or Grease as Bearing Lubricant Oil lubricants are usually used in high speed applications or in applications that generate high temperatures. Oil’s heat transferring properties help transfer the generated heat away from the bearing’s surfaces. The oils used with bearings are often either a synthetic oil or a natural mineral oil, sometimes with additives mixed in […]

Industrial Chain Suppliers in Yorkshire

One of the enduringly tried and trusted linear actuation methods is the chain drive which is still used in many different industrial machinery applications today. Usually they consist of a chain and a sprocket with a pin and bushing, as well as a roller with a pin link plate and a roller link plate. The chain works by wrapping around a driver sprocket and a driven sprocket, with the driver sprocket connected to the motor’s output which moves the chain. The driven sprocket is connected to the part of the application that needs to be moved. Chain drives are a pretty simple method for the transmission of mechanical energy and are relied upon by many industrial applications because they are […]

Miki Pulley Step-Flex and Jaw Spider Couplings

Miki Pulley have an excellent reputation for producing high quality products such as their speed chargers and electromagnetic clutches. They are also expert coupling manufacturers and here we will take a closer look at a couple of their innovative products. Miki Pulley Step-Flex Couplings The Miki components known as Step-Flex couplings are designed to improve ball screw performance while simultaneously reducing problems caused by vibration and resonance. The Step-Flex is a particularly innovative type of shaft coupling, with its construction featuring a combination of two elastomer elements. The elastomer elements help dampen vibration caused by the actuator carrier, which usually occurs when there is some misalignment and the carrier is forced to make multiple minor adjustments in quick succession in […]