High Torque Gear Motors

  A gear motor is a single component that integrates a gear reducer with an electric motor. Depending on their design and purpose, such geared-motor units can produce high torque even at low speeds or with low horsepower. They are able to achieve this because the gearhead acts as a torque multiplier, meaning smaller geared motors generate relatively high torque. AC or DC Motors Gear-motors can be designed for use with either AC or DC motors, with each serving the same purpose of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy even though they are built and controlled differently. The biggest difference is their source of power, with AC motors powered by an alternating current and DC motors powered by a direct […]

Linear Bearings Guide

There are two basic types of linear bearing, one with a plain element and another with a rolling element. They both serve the same general function but differ in their design and in the performance they produce. They each consist of mechanical components that allows relative motion between one surface supporting another while minimising friction created between the two. There are many high quality linear bearing products for a wide variety of applications available through linear bearings suppliers. Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks from the best linear bearing manufacturers so they are ready to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Delivery can even be completed on the same day of ordering […]

AMC Mecanocaucho Anti-Vibration Technology

Most industrial automation systems produce motion and in turn vibration. Kinetic energy is usually released when the direction of these motions are changed or stopped entirely, and this energy is what causes the vibrations and shock impacts to happen. Sudden shocks in an automation system can be damaging to the machine and its various components, as well as to the product being processed or manufactured by the machine. Even lesser impactful vibrations can cause damage or fatigue to the machinery and its parts if consistently applied over time. This is why dampers and absorbers are crucial components of any automation system producing vibrations and shocks. As well as shock absorbers and vibration dampers, vibration reduction technology also includes the likes […]

Choose the Right Conveyor

Almost every product has been transported at some point or another along a conveyor during its manufacturing or packaging process. Whether it is foodstuffs, cosmetics, medical supplies, metals or plastics, a conveyor has played a vital role somewhere in its production. This is why conveyors come in so many different shapes and sizes. Some have relatively tiny belt widths of just a few centimetres for the transport of extremely small components, while others can be a metre or more wide in order to transport large and heavy goods. These automated tracks simply move items from one place to another, but they have become integral to a wide variety of automated facilities because they greatly improve the efficiency of material-handling applications. […]