Industrial Roller Chains

Motion control systems exist primarily to move a load from one place to another, with the motor playing a crucial role as it converts electrical input into mechanical energy. However, the motor’s output shaft must be connected to the load in order to move it, which is why roller chains are also vital for many industrial applications. An industrial chain supplier like Yorkshire-based YB Components supplies multiple options such as leaf chains and drive chains. Often, moving a load simply requires the motor to be directly coupled to it, but when this isn’t possible then a popular option is to employ a roller chain. What is a Roller Chain? Roller chains are a simple method to transmit mechanical energy. They […]

How to Choose a Geared-Motor Unit

When selecting gearboxes and geared motors, you should always consider certain key design aspects in accordance with the intended motion control application. The first step should always be a studious examination of the relevant technical and commercial requirements of your application and the gearbox or geared-motor unit you wish to use with it. This information will help you identify the ideal motor for the intended application, and is also crucial when custom-designing a gear motor and building it from scratch. Ideally you should use an application checklist when deciding on the motor specifications you will need. These details along with project specific elements will determine the course of the gear motor design or selection process. Gear Motor Design and Motion […]

Rigid or Flexible Couplings?

Couplings are a crucial component of many industrial machines, joining together two shafts so one may transmit power to the other. They are usually incorporated into the drive-train alongside other important components in the power transmission process such as ball screws, gearboxes and belts. Rigid and Flexible Coupling Manufacture There are two types of couplings, a rigid type and a flexible type, so knowing which one you need before contacting coupling suppliers can save time. Rigid couplings will more often be used in industrial machinery applications that require very precise alignment. Flexible couplings on the other hand are often used in applications where a little misalignment between the shafts is acceptable, perhaps even necessary for some functions. Flexible couplings allow […]

Torque Limiters and Overload Clutches

Torque limiters or overload clutches are special industrial machinery components that are specifically designed to protect either the equipment itself or the equipment’s load from excessive torque. Usually they will shut down a machine when excessive torque is detected and dissipate the unnecessary rotational energy so as not to cause damage to the load or the machine. Dangers of Excessive Torque When a large amount of torque is generated by a machine, often in equipment that operates at a low speed,  it can severely damage the machine or its load whenever there is a malfunction. The machinery components most at risk from the damage caused by excessive torque are gears and couplings, as well as geared-motor units and drive shafts. […]