Finding the Right Flexible Coupling

Couplings are one of the most commonly sought after machine components as they are necessary to connect two shafts together as a way of transmitting power from one to the other. This demanding role means they experience a lot of wear and tear and are thus one of the most frequently replaced parts of many different types of machine. Different Types of Coupling There are two types of coupling in their most basic form, the rigid type and the flexible type. The former are usually found in applications that require very precise alignment, with the latter mostly used in applications where even a slight amount of misalignment between the shafts can be expected or even necessary. Flexible couplings accommodate misalignment […]

Torque Limiters Explained

Torque limiters are required to protect loads or the equipment itself from the damage caused by excessive torque during a mechanical overload. Sometimes referred to as ‘overload clutches’, they are devices that shut down a machine in order to dissipate the rotational energy being generated by the machine’s operations. Machinery systems that operate at relatively low speeds also end up developing an excess of torque, which becomes a major problem should that machine then malfunction. Machine components such as gearboxes and geared motors or couplings and drive shafts can be seriously damaged by excess torque during a malfunction. Torque limiters prevent this potential damage from crash stops and jams by reducing the torque to a set level. How a Torque […]

Industrial Machine Safety Standards After Brexit

Since 1988, industrial machinery safety standards in Britain have been certified by the Code of Practice for Machine Safety (BS 5304:1975). However, since the uncertainty of Brexit arrived, this standard is under review, although until such a review is complete and any amendments to the original standards are announced, all British industrial businesses should continue to abide by the standards detailed in the original Code of Practice. The original documentation is still available in the archives of the British Standards Institution (BSI), under the title of Published Document PD 5304:2014. New Temporary Euro Standards In addition to the old British standards coming under review, the European Commission has temporarily instituted a set of legally-binding standards for suppliers of goods as […]

Osborn Rollers Load Runners

The Load Runner range manufactured by Osborn Rollers features a variety of heavy-duty idler rollers and associated products designed specifically to maintain accuracy and precision during high-capacity load handling tasks. Osborn’s Load Runners provide high precision performance across numerous applications and are available in all standard configurations, including either metric or imperial, stud or yoke, as well as ranging in rolling sizes up to 12” (30.5cm). The reliable Load Runner rollers will also help to significantly reduce your overall material handling system costs. Specific Attributes of Osborn Load Runners Osborn’s engineers have designed their product to have a unique profile for each and every suitable application, applying their engineering and manufacturing expertise to truly set the Load Runners brand apart […]

Industrial Gearboxes and Transmissions

The words ‘gearbox’ and ‘transmission’ are often used interchangeably, though there are differences as to what each actually means. The differences will be largely dependent on which side of the Atlantic ocean you come from, but with so many excellent industrial gearbox manufacturers out there, it is worthwhile pausing a moment to consider what each term actually means according to who. Transmission or Gearbox? Transmission exists within a power transmission system, which then enables a controlled application of the power being generated. Gearboxes use gears and gear-trains to generate power by converting speed and torque from a rotating power source into another device. The word ‘transmission’ as applied in British English refers directly to the entire drive-train and incorporates the […]