Rulmeca Rollers

Rulmeca has established themselves as one of the world’s most important and reliable manufacturers of industrial rollers and associated products. Their roller designs are suited to any type of conveyor and automated system, with their advanced design and production techniques enabling their products to produce the highest performances in industrial applications even in the most demanding and extreme conditions.

Rulmeca Conveyor Rollers

The material handling conveyor rollers Rulmeca manufacture represent the highest quality standards in conveyor roller manufacturing thanks to Rulmeca’s in-depth research dedicated to identifying the most suitable materials for a wide variety of industrial applications. They also regularly invest in updating and upgrading their sophisticated production machinery.

An additional factor in the high quality of Rulmeca rollers is their employment of strict control procedures throughout every stage of the production process. For example, every step of the production process is governed by the official quality certification of UNI EN ISO 9001. This certification guarantees that the product is manufactured to remain optimally operational for its maximum life even in the harshest conditions.

All idle or driven roller conveyors can benefit from Rulmeca conveyor rollers, with the wide range available in this category enabling a multitude of customisable solutions for many unique circumstances.

The conveyor rollers category includes products such as the Series 111, Series 117 and Series GL rollers, plus a choice of tapered rollers in the form of Series KRF-KRM-KRO or KRM/S3. There are also pinion sprocket rollers and friction rollers as well as chain driven rollers for automated conveying processes.

Rulmeca Unit Handling Rollers

The unit handling rollers supplied by Rulmeca rollers suppliers are also designed for use with many different industrial applications. They intentionally make use of a variety of materials in the manufacturing process which provides the option of customising a solution for all the handling requirements different industries require.

Industrial production processes require high quality and reliable rollers to handle units as efficiently and inexpensively as possible with the ultimate aim of allowing the manufacturer to offer as lower costs as possible for their finished product. The Rulmeca range of unit handling rollers as well as the individual components for unit handling in industrial applications are all specifically designed and built to achieve these high quality standards to minimise costs.

Rulmeca produce rollers that minimise the requisite effort to complete a task and speed up operations as well as decrease and facilitate the work required.

Rulmeca Modular Belts

Rulmeca also manufacture a variety of high quality motorized pulleys with grooved lagging for modular belts, as well as offering well proven driving solutions for plastic modular belts. The unique Rulmeca modular belts are composed by different sections allowing customized solutions, though they are especially suited to the food industry as their surfaces allow fast and deep cleaning.

The basic material used for the Rulmeca modular belt products is nitrile rubber (with some products made with the carboxylated food-approved type) with properties that provide excellent resistance to abrasion and extreme temperatures. All of their main product designs are also available in Polyurethane.

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