Rulmeca Bulk Handling Rollers

The Rulmeca Group, comprised of the Precismeca, Melco and Rulmeca brands, understands that the movement of goods and especially bulk materials requires state of the art methods and machinery. With a specialised technical competence accumulated over fifty years of experience, the Rulmeca Group have become an international leader in the production of such components and equipment for all types of conveyors. Rulmeca’s range of belt conveyors for bulk handling purposes is especially revered in the multitude of industries they are used in. Their product range includes steel rollers and thermoplastic rollers with rubber rings for impact and return stations. There are also transoms and garland sets for carrying, return and self-aligning stations, as well as drive and idler pulleys for […]

Rulmeca Rollers

Rulmeca has established themselves as one of the world’s most important and reliable manufacturers of industrial rollers and associated products. Their roller designs are suited to any type of conveyor and automated system, with their advanced design and production techniques enabling their products to produce the highest performances in industrial applications even in the most demanding and extreme conditions. Rulmeca Conveyor Rollers The material handling conveyor rollers Rulmeca manufacture represent the highest quality standards in conveyor roller manufacturing thanks to Rulmeca’s in-depth research dedicated to identifying the most suitable materials for a wide variety of industrial applications. They also regularly invest in updating and upgrading their sophisticated production machinery. An additional factor in the high quality of Rulmeca rollers is […]

Agricultural Machinery: Tractors

When most people think of agricultural machinery, they think of a tractor. There are many other types of machine used in modern agriculture such as planters, sprayers and combine harvesters, but the tractor endures as the iconic symbol of farm work and agricultural machinery. Tractors are especially useful for agricultural work thanks to their powerful diesel engines and extra large chunky tires which enable them to travel easily over different terrains. They are as comfortable on slushy mud as they are on smooth asphalt and boast the kind of power that even the fastest sports cars can only dream of. However, a tractor’s power isn’t designed to make the vehicle go fast, but instead to pull huge and heavy loads […]

Clutch Maintenance Advice

Clutch maintenance is an oft overlooked part of keeping industrial vehicles in good running order. One of the main ways to keep a clutch in good condition is to operate the vehicle with its constant maintenance in mind.  Operating your clutch with care is the best way to ensure that a vehicle with a manual transmission keeps performing at its maximum capacity. Here are three tips to help with the maintenance of industrial clutches. Reduce Heat from Internal Friction One of the most important aspects of clutch maintenance is reducing the amount of heat generated by internal friction. It helps if you avoid situations that increase internal friction, such as when the clutch is partially engaged, sometimes referred to as […]