Modified Machinery and UK Law

A lot of machinery used in workplaces such as factories, engineering works or agricultural land is either refurbished or modified. Sometimes this happens prior to a change of ownership as it is intended to be re-supplied as second-hand equipment, or it may be modified by the owner for their own use. Such changes to the original machinery are subject to the law, with the extent of the modifications possibly inciting new legal obligations for either the owner or operators of the machinery. If the machinery has been modified or rebuilt to such an extent that it could be considered as an entirely new machine, it will likely be subject to a new conformity assessment with regard to the CE marking […]

Universal Joint Inventors

As one of the leading Universal joints distributors in the UK, YB Components have long taken an interest in the origins of machines and their parts as well as the ongoing development of ever more efficient and productive components. As one of the many industrial machinery parts that YB Components keep local stocks of at their base in Yorkshire, ready to ship them out free all over the UK and the world, universal joint are particularly fascinating. How they were originally conceived is still represented in the names they are known by around the world, with the universal joint being a component that has quite a few different monikers depending on who you speak to. Here we take a quick […]

All About Clutches

Clutches are an integral part of many different types of vehicle and industrial machine. Their applications typically involve any devices that have two rotating shafts where one of the shafts must be powered by a motor or pulley while the other shaft drives another element of the device. Drills are a nice simple example, as they contain one shaft being driven by a motor and driving another shaft that drives the drill bit. In this instance it is the clutch that connects the two shafts together so they rotate at the same speed. Many other examples of clutches see the shafts decoupled to spin at different speeds. There are many possibilities when it comes to clutch design, with YB Components […]

Senotec Switching Amplifier Feature

As a popular manufacturer of switching amplifiers and other capacity level control technology, Senotec have long had a reputation as the one of the best filling level probe manufacturers in the business. They designed and build products that can handle extremes temperatures or other such issues like complicated spatial conditions. Such conditions might make it necessary to monitor and make adjustments as is required. Senotec distributors such as YB Components can ship Senotec products quickly and for free all over the UK. Any companies based in the Yorkshire area may be able to benefit from our local stocks with a same day delivery too. YB Components can also ship every component they stock all over the world. Below we take […]

Understanding the DIN Specification

The DIN Specification, or DIN SPEC as it is usually stylised as, is a certification standard that specifies certain requirements for a variety of industrial machinery components such as Continental Variflex Belts. While they are a widely trusted certification for a variety of products, it should be noted that DIN SPECs differ from full standards as they do not require a full consensus and involvement of all stakeholders. They are simply drawn-up in temporary workshops by the interested parties and published for review. How General Standards Are Developed Standards are created by people who need them have a vested interest in them being used within their industry. They usually involve a transparent development process with the consensus principle in place […]