CPG Gearboxes and Motors


CPG is a professional enterprise integrating development, production and sales of gear motor reducers. Their product range covers a wide variety of motor designs and geared motor units.

Operating out of China, the company was founded back in 1990 as the Cheng Bang Precision Industry Company and they soon established their CNC milling machine and lathe processing department. They changed the company name to Cheng Pang Precision Corp and within a few years they quickly developed a provincial distribution system as well as exporting to the Syrian and the Southeast Asian markets.

By 1998 they became CE certified for distribution in Europe and they soon expanded into new headquarters and began hiring significantly more staff. A few years later another name change saw them become known by the initials they are known as today.

Now CPG consists of a large group of dedicated professional and technical personnel who use advanced testing equipment and manufacturing processes along with established quality management systems.

CPG Gearboxes and Motors – Horizontal and Vertical

CPG manufacture eight different 3-phase horizontal motors, with one horizontal type made with an aluminium and steel plate (brake) motor. Another horizontal type has a similar aluminium and steel plate (brake) motor but is built with a higher ratio. Other 3-phase horizontal types include a heavy duty version with a casting (brake) motor, plus others come with horizontal flanges in either normal or high ratios. There are also double shaft varieties of these CPG geared motor units both in normal and high ration as well as a double shaft heavy duty version.

The 3-phase vertical types feature similar specs to the horizontal, with the normal and high ratio versions having aluminium and steel plate (brake) motors. The heavy duty vertical 3-phase type also comes with a casting (brake) motor. The flange types are vertical, plus there are double shaft varieties with normal and high ratios.

There are four designs of 3-phase light duty motors, two horizontal and two vertical, with both the normal and high ratios of each of those featuring an aluminium and steel plate (brake) motor respectively.

Other CPG geared motor unit products include horizontal and vertical versions of the 1-phase reducer featuring a steel plate (brake) motor, plus the 3-phase and 1-phase versions of the Cheng Bang IEC standard vertical motor, with the 3-phase featuring an aluminium (brake) motor and the 1-phase a steel plate (brake) motor. There are also various other motor products such as the CPG worm gear reducer combined with a vertical gear motor.

CPG Gearboxes and Motors Certification

As previously mentioned, the company itself became CE certified back in 1998, which means the company conforms with all the health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. They also acquired their first ISO 9001-2008 certification for the manufacture of geared motors in 2002, which is a globally recognised quality management system.

CPG has also acquired a number of CCC, CQC and TUV certifications thanks to the quality of their processes and products.

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