Vulkollan Wheels Suppliers

Vulkollan wheels are a popular product used on a wide variety of industrial applications. They are made out of a special polyurethane that contains a very powerful elastomer and have become the industry standard for the applications they are used for. As the UK’s leading Vulkollan wheels suppliers, Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks of these important parts which can be shipped quickly all over the UK for free. Companies based in Yorkshire themselves can even expect delivery on the same day they order in many cases. In addition to supplying the UK with Vulkollan products, these parts can also be shipped all around the world wherever they are required. Below is some technical information about the special material that […]

Continental Variflex Belts

Continental manufactures a variety of Poly-V belts for wraparound drives with small pulley diameters. Such Continental Variflex Z belts are especially fast and agile while producing excellent power transmission with minimal running noise. Here we take a closer look at the four main Continental Poly-V belt designs. CONTI-V MULTIRIB This Poly-V belt features enhanced running smoothness and is specifically designed for high gear ratios and high belt speeds. This ContiTech Z belt is also ideal for small pulley diameters as well as back-tension rollers. Each of these Variflex belts can be operated in tropical climates and have a temperature resistance of between minus-30 up to 80 degrees Celsius. They are suitable for reverse flexing and reverse tensioning idlers, are dust-proof […]

Yorkshire Belts Supplier

Yorkshire is home to many businesses running industrial machinery, with companies operating all over the country in places such as Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield, to name but a few. YB Components are able to use their local stocks of the best industrial machine parts to deliver the items that local businesses in this area need quicker than anyone else in the country and completely free of charge. In many instances we can deliver the required parts on the very same day they are ordered. This fast turnaround coupled with their access to the highest quality parts make YB Components the best belts supplier Yorkshire and the UK has to offer. While YB Components can ship parts quickly all over the […]

CPG Gearboxes and Motors

CPG is a professional enterprise integrating development, production and sales of gear motor reducers. Their product range covers a wide variety of motor designs and geared motor units. Operating out of China, the company was founded back in 1990 as the Cheng Bang Precision Industry Company and they soon established their CNC milling machine and lathe processing department. They changed the company name to Cheng Pang Precision Corp and within a few years they quickly developed a provincial distribution system as well as exporting to the Syrian and the Southeast Asian markets. By 1998 they became CE certified for distribution in Europe and they soon expanded into new headquarters and began hiring significantly more staff. A few years later another […]