AVE Conveyor Chains

AVE Chains manufacture high quality line modular belts and plate chains that are designed to be easily assembled while boasting high resistance with a low friction coefficient. They can be used for many different applications, and often without anchors or other materials clamping them to surfaces. Here we take a broad perspective of what you can expect from the excellent products AVE Chains manufacture. AVE Conveyor Chains There are many different kinds of AVE conveyor chains available with a variety of tensile strengths, pitches, types of pin and roller, as well as various other specific features of the plates. The minimum tensile strength can be quite low with the maximum available going very high. The pins of the AVE chains […]

Wanshsin Parts

Wanshsin gear motor manufacturers make gearboxes and reducer motors for a variety of applications in factories, engineering, logistics, distribution, agricultural and many other types of industry. Their products are well known for their long lifespans and relatively little noise during operation. Here we take a closer look at some of their reducer motors. Wanshsin Medium Gear Reducer Motors There are six variants of the Wanshsin parts known as medium gear reducers, with three each of the vertical and horizontal models. There are also one or three phase versions, with some models available as either. Other models offer mounting and functional options such as Horizontal, Vertical Drop Box or High Ratio. The GH Horizontal model has a power rating of 0.1kW […]