AMC Mecanocaucho


AMC Mecanocaucho have been developing their range of anti-vibration mounts for nearly half a century now, helping to solve many of the problems inherent in all types of moving or stationary machinery. Here we take a closer look at one of their most popular anti-vibration mount designs available through AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers such as YB Components.

AMC Mecanocaucho BRBX Captive Anti-Vibration Mount

The BRBX Captive anti-vibration mounts that AMC Mecanocaucho manufacture feature compressed rubber anti-vibration elements. The high profile of the rubber sections help deflect bigger and heavier shocks, impacts and vibrations than ordinary anti-vibration mounts.

The robust build and high profile rubber anti-vibration elements of the BRBX Captive AMC mount makes it ideal for applications where vibration isolation is a top priority. This AMC machine mount is especially recommended for use with applications that require the isolation of mobile or rotating machines that are exposed to axial and radial impacts or continuously subjected to impacts and vibrations.

AMC Anti-Vibration Mount Safety Features

The BRBX is especially resilient to dripping oil or diesel, as well as exposure to the elements thanks to the top metal hood which protects the shock-absorbing rubber element underneath. The hooded components also features a cross-shaped indentation to increase rigidity for mobile applications while continuing to redirect oils and any other damaging liquids safely away from the mounting.

AMC Mecanocaucho manufacture these mounts with stainless steel which provides the mounts with a high resistance to corrosion caused by chemical reagents such as sulphuric acid, as well as a resistance to the corrosion caused by a marine atmosphere. An additional safety feature is the fail-safe protection for mobile applications consisting of interlocking metal components.

These BRBX Captive AMC machine mounts also limit vertical movement during episodes of continuous shock impacts.

AMC BRBX Mount Installation

Installation of the BRBX Captive AMC mount should be between two parallel and perfectly flat surfaces. Any of these mounts being operated in either tilted or twisted directions will not work properly due to incorrect alignment. Installation between non-parallel and un-flat surfaces can overload the tolerance of the chassis or result in over-tightened torque.

Each base plate of these mounts is engraved with the exact type of mount that it is, including its hardness, which makes it easy to identify what kind of mount it is even after several years of operation.

Other Mounts AMC Mecanocaucho Manufacture

In addition to the BRBX Captive, AMC manufacture the BSB engine anti-vibration mounts which utilise similar rubber elements but are designed for an optimal ratio of stiffness and horizontal stability. The BSB engine mounts are ideal for use with machines that have rotating parts that receive continuous axial and radial shocks such as pumps, compressors, ventilators and all kinds of industrial vehicles.

Other special mounts include the BRT anti-vibration mount which is also available through AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers and is ideal for applications that require a greater control of movement.

If you require any of the anti-vibration mounts AMC Mecanocaucho manufacture such as the BRBX Captive AMC machine mount, then contact YB Components who are the leading AMC Mecanocaucho distributors and who can ship these parts all over the UK and the world.