AMC Mecanocaucho

AMC Mecanocaucho have been developing their range of anti-vibration mounts for nearly half a century now, helping to solve many of the problems inherent in all types of moving or stationary machinery. Here we take a closer look at one of their most popular anti-vibration mount designs available through AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers such as YB Components. AMC Mecanocaucho BRBX Captive Anti-Vibration Mount The BRBX Captive anti-vibration mounts that AMC Mecanocaucho manufacture feature compressed rubber anti-vibration elements. The high profile of the rubber sections help deflect bigger and heavier shocks, impacts and vibrations than ordinary anti-vibration mounts. The robust build and high profile rubber anti-vibration elements of the BRBX Captive AMC mount makes it ideal for applications where vibration isolation is […]

SIT’s Trasco Flexible Couplings

Trasco couplings are the flexible and omocinetic coupling design by SIT that produces the best operational performance relative to their size. Most of the designs are very compact and provide a safe power transmission by absorbing the peak loads and deflecting torsional vibrations. Angular and radial misalignments are corrected by the special elastic design of the polyurethane rings which are also able to compensate for small shaft length variations. The Trasco flexible couplings described below are available in either cast iron, aluminium or steel. There are often taper bush mounting options too. These Sitex couplings are also available with certifications such as the ATEX directive which assesses equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Trasco GR Flexible Coupling The GR […]