Volvo Recalls 200,000 Faulty Cars

It seems that Swedish car manufacturer Volvo might be in need of some reliable repair services soon as they have begun recalling over 200,000 of their vehicles due to recently discovered engineering issues.   The recall is voluntary, with the problematic issues believed to be associated with one of the fuel lines in the engine compartment, and not anything immediately dangerous to drivers of the affected cars. While the problem is not believed to cause any imminent danger – as indeed it would had the brakes or gear-motors been affected – the issue is certainly serious enough that the company is willing to attract what will undoubtedly be some poor media coverage for the recall.   It is one of […]

How to Eliminate Maintenance Guesswork

All manufacturers of industrial machinery and machine parts will soon be able to benefit from predictive maintenance born of machine learning, according to an expert in the field who is due to explain his ideas at the upcoming Pacific Design and Manufacturing show in the USA in February. Kayed Almasarweh is the head of Cognitive Solutions for IBM, as well as being the lead for IBM’s artificial intelligence supercomputer ‘Watson’, and he believes that machine learning has progressed to the stage where it can help all manufacturers avoid machine failures, no matter how big or small the company is. Advancing machine reliability would of course result in a reduction in the need for repair services and the often costly machine […]

Spaggiari Gearboxes

Spaggiari Trasmissioni was acquired by the Motovario Corporation back in 1999, and they have since spent the best part of the first two decades of the new millennium designing and manufacturing some of the highest quality gearboxes and gear reducers on the market. Below we take a closer look at just a few of the products available through Spaggiari suppliers like YB Components. Spaggiari Parallel Shaft Gearboxes – PBH Series The Spaggiari bevel helical gear reducers are designed for use with heavy machinery. They are made out of cast iron to be robust with only minimum maintenance requirements, and their installation and application is easy thanks to the modern design concept. The Motovario PBH series (as they are also known) […]

Li-Ming Motors

Based in China, the Li-Ming Machinery company specialise in the design and manufacture of high tech speed reduction motors and helical gear reducers, worm gear and planetary gear reducers. Here we take a closer look at some of the products in Li-Ming’s high quality planetary gear reducer range. Li-Ming SERVOBOX Motors Li-Ming’s SERVOBOX series of planetary reducers make good use of helical gears to create a high precision performance. The gears themselves are precision machined which enables these Li-Ming geared motors to achieve extremely accurate gear engagement. Also helping to achieve the high engagement and performance accuracy is the amount of backlash compensation each of these Li-Ming geared motors possess. The 1-stage planetary gear reducers of the SERVOBOX series have […]