Exploring Lenze Pulleys

Lenze Selection are the company who manufacture all the Lenze variable speed pulleys and belts. They took on that new name in 2013 after previously being known simply as Lenze since they first entered the drive components industry back in the 1970s. Since then they have continued expanding the range of Lenze products available to order with each of them meeting the high quality standards customers have come to expect from the company. Below we focus on a few of Lenze’s available belt drive products. Lenze Ribbed V-belt These variable speed belts are designed to produce high quality performance in tight spaces. They offer greater flexibility and reduced heat generation, both of which minimise the risk of cracks forming in […]

Ballscrews and Space Telescopes

Ballscrews are not usually considered a particularly interesting talking point, but their inclusion in the construction of an exciting new space project may shine a slightly more intriguing light upon them. The James Webb Space Telescope A special kind of ballscrew has become an integral part of the construction of the James Webb Space Telescope, which is intended to be the successor to the famous Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble was launched into low orbit back in 1990 and was a basic reflector using a 2.4m long mirror that was equipped with multiple instruments to acquire clear views of the deeper universe in both infrared and ultraviolet light, as well as visible light. Since its launch, Hubble has transmitted immeasurable amounts […]

Desch Couplings

Desch are a German manufacturer specialising in the design of industrial clutches and couplings. Here we focus on three of their excellent coupling designs in the form of the flexible Habix and Hadeflex couplings, as well as the sturdier Orpex coupling. Desch Habix Couplings Desch’s Habix coupling is a flexible jaw coupling that enables a versatile connection of two shafts that can handle multiple torque power variants. The two halves do not require a particularly high accuracy of shaft alignment to be connected and thus they are easy to install and maintain. The machined Habix couplings also boast excellent precision as their primary operating characteristic, as well as being distortion-free and displaying an impressive durability. Operational safety is also guaranteed […]

Legris Push-in Fitting Products

Since inventing the world’s first push-in fitting back in 1969, Legris have continued expanding their range of products to include eco versions, extra compact versions and a special range especially for clean rooms and medical applications. Here we run through the fittings available through Legris suppliers YB Components. Legris Liquifit The Legris Liquifit is a reliable and compact connection for liquid transfer applications. The Liquifits are the eco push-in fittings for use with water and beverage applications. They come with an environmental protection guarantee and have been specifically designed to prevent fluid contamination. Legris Liquifit+ The Liquifit+ (or Legris Liquifit Plus) has been designed specifically for applications transferring sensitive fluids. This special push-in product fits a variety of diameters and […]