ConveyXonic Belt Information

The high-powered ConveyXonic High Tension Poly-V belts manufactured by Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems are built to have a long life with little to no maintenance. Made with a reinforced stretchy elastic nylon, the Convey Xonic belts can greatly enhance the weight transporting capacity of motorised roller conveyors. The Benefits of Convey Xonic Belts ConveyXonic Poly-V belts can move heavier weights at much higher speeds across much longer areas. They are also capable of stopping quickly and safely. With such extreme weights capable of being moved, it might be necessary to increase the driving force of the belts, which is easily achieved by adding more ribs. The Poly-V belts are designed to ensure a smooth movement even at high speeds such […]

Uncommon Causes of Machine Failure (and How to Avoid Them)

We have previously highlighted many of the most common causes of machinery failure and how to avoid them on this blog, but here we’ll focus on some of the less common causes and offer some advice on how to prevent these issues causing your machinery to require downtime for repairs or other major maintenance. Incorrect Machine Storage It is known that all kinds of machinery collect dirt, dust and other debris during operation, but they also do so when stored incorrectly. Also, when the normal operational debris is not cleaned out properly after each session of activity, it builds up and up until it starts affecting functionality. Even the likes of dust can settle during storage, or become moist, and […]

Sferax Suppliers of Linear Bearings and Rails

The Swiss linear bearing manufacturer Sferax are experts in the design of linear bearings and linear rails. Their product catalogue includes many different open ball and metric ball bearing designs, as well as a variety of miniature and compact ball bearings. All of their products are manufactured with high quality materials and are designed to function reliably if they are fitted and maintained correctly. Below we run through some of the technical specifications of Sferax’s bearing products and look at the fitting and maintenance instructions. Sferax Linear Bearings Technical Information The dynamic loads of Sferax linear bearings are usually half of the static load, with the preload size varying between  0.002 and 0.02mm of the shaft diameter, depending on the […]

Tschan Posimin and Posiflex Couplings

Tschan Couplings merged with Ringfeder Power Transmission a few years ago with the two companies aiming to complement each other with their product design and manufacture, with Ringfeder hoping the merger would continue to expand their growing position in the global market. Tschan Couplings and Tschan Suppliers Prior to the merger, Tschan were well known for their variety of commercially successful shaft-coupling technology products. They were already a leading manufacturer of non-shiftable, mechanical shaft couplings with Tschan suppliers like YB Components making many of their high quality products available to businesses all around the world. Their products were and still are primarily used with the machinery used in heavy-duty engineering applications. The mining and construction industries use Tshcan couplings a […]

Sumitomo Gearboxes and Parts Suppliers

The task of being a Sumitomo parts supplier can be a busy one thanks to the demand of their popular products such as the Cyclo Drives and Servomotors described below. Here we focus on just two of their huge product catalogue, but two designs that just happen to be extremely popular for industrial applications all around the world. Sumitomo Gearboxes – Cyclo Drive 6000 Sumitomo’s Cyclo Drives are unique drive technology products that remain unrivalled on the market. Different to traditional gear mechanisms, the Cyclo Drive is not exposed to external or shear forces and instead uses a rolling force to generate power. Thanks to this unique characteristic, Sumitomo gearboxes like the Cyclo Drive are far more resistant to wear […]