Industrial Gearbox Manufacturers

There are many industrial gearbox manufacturers of renown from a variety of countries around the world, but thanks to industrial gearbox distributors like YB Components, these high quality gearbox products are accessible to every business wherever they are based. Here we highlight just a handful of the industrial gearbox manufacturers whose parts, gears and motors are available to be shipped out upon request by YB Components. Heynau Gearboxes Heynau Gearboxes (Heynau Getreibe for German speakers) utilise a simple construction method consisting of a minimum of components which helps make their products especially efficient and reliable. Keeping their gear constructions simple also enables Heynau to manufacture gearboxes that boast a significant noise reduction compared to other designs. It is also worth […]

Senotec Switching Amplifiers CSV Series

Senotec Sensors are a German company specialising in manufacturing capacity level controls such as switching amplifiers, filling level probes and other kinds of sensors. They design and build products to cope with complex spatial conditions and extreme temperatures, especially those that require regular adjustment. Industrial machinery making good use of Senotec’s products are varied, including the likes of the textile and paper packaging industries, paint-spray lines and in book binding machinery. They also have multiple uses within the mechanical engineering sector and particularly the hygiene industry thanks to the especially high quality and reliability of the performance of Senotec’s sensory products. Multiple designs from their product range are available through Senotec Sensors suppliers such as YB Components, and below we […]

Enemac Shaft Locking Devices

The clamps, couplings and clutches designed and manufactured by Enemac Maschinentechnik (Machine Technology) can be used with original equipment or for retrofitting machinery that can be improved with updated and upgraded components. Enemac’s mechanical and hydro-mechanical power clamping products are particularly popular as they can generate high clamping forces quickly and reliably (and cost-effectively!) for use almost anywhere. Here we take a quick look at each of the Enemac shaft locking devices. ESB Power Clamping Nut These centrically operated Enemac shaft locking devices can handle 60 to 200 kN torque and has a protected bottomed thread and fits a DIN 787 T-bolt. The compact design makes it ideal to be integrated into planetary gearboxes, plus there are some special high […]

Obscure Machine Components

There are so many parts and components available through YB Components that can be shipped around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, that it is easy for some of the more obscure machine parts to get overlooked when looking for products to feature in the blog. We will partly address the issue here by focusing on a handful of the more obscure products that are not as frequently requested as the likes of gearboxes, couplings and belt drives. Pulley for Heidelberg Printing Machines The global printing industry wouldn’t be the same without Heidelberg who have designed and innovated so many high quality printing press solutions. Despite the digitalisation of the industry on the whole, there are still […]