How to Minimise Industrial Machinery Damage

Industrial machinery experiences a lot of wear and tear which is unavoidable, although many of the problems that arise can still be minimised if not outright avoided. Here we run through five of the most commons types of industrial machinery damage and how best to either avoid or minimise the effects. Prevent Abrasive Damage Abrasions can happen a number of ways and will usually occur when any moving parts such as those in gear-motors come into contact with each other. The worst kind of abrasion happens when a significantly harder material comes into contact with a softer material. To prevent abrasions, always ensure separate but connected parts such as those in gearboxes and geared motor units are aligned accurately. Most […]

Bonora: Motor Specialists

Bonora Electric Motors are an Italian motor manufacturer who have created a multitude of high quality motors designed for specific applications. They make both single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors, with their products continuing to increase in popularity around the world. Some of the applications where Bonora’s high quality motors are utilised include the likes of washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as more intricate tasks such as motorising measuring tools which maintain the balance of  rotating machine parts. Here we take a look at more of the specific applications that Bonora’s motors are used for. Machine Working Motors Wood working machines and tools are one of the main beneficiaries of Bonora components, where motors are used to help […]

Wenglor Sensors: InoxSens

The Wenglor Sensor OKII403C0103 is now available through YB Components who keep stock of the product in the UK so it is primed and ready for fast delivery. About Wenglor Sensors Wenglor have been designing and developing some of the finest optoelectronic sensor technology ever since their founding back in 1983.  Although the company actually started out manufacturing their products in an attic, their high quality design and innovation soon brought the company global success. Just a few years after the business started, Wenglor created the world’s first red light sensor with background suppression. The company continued to expand over the next couple of decades, innovating more and more products and using the likes of world trade fairs to show […]

Tschan Couplings: Reliable Flexibility

Tschan couplings are known as some of the most reliable on the market. We have featured lines from their range on this blog before, such as their Nor-Mex coupling range, but here we will focus on briefly describing a few of the other ranges of flexible and resilient designs available through Tschan couplings suppliers. Tschan TNS Coupling The S series are claw couplings that have been designed to be especially flexible and shock-proof. They utilise a variety of specified tolerances to compensate for any angular, radial or axial shaft misalignment that may occur. Transmitting the torque via a compressed elastic intermediate ring, the Tschan-S coupling is able to nullify shocks and vibrations. These Tschan couplings are also resistant to oil […]

Couplings: Special Feature

There are so many different coupling designs available from such a wide variety of manufacturers that we will never have enough space to feature them all in one go. We can provide occasional sneak peaks at a select few products though, with all of them and more available to ship around the world through YB Components. Here are just a few of the finest coupling products we have to offer. Falk Couplings The Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling has been the industry standard for almost a century and is one of the most requested grid couplings on the market. It is exceptionally durable during critical applications with an impressively reliable performance. It has a versatile design featuring eleven different models including […]