Rader-Vogel Wheels


Rader-Vogel have been developing wheels, tyres and castors for over 70 years. Their products are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors, including on forklifts and hand pallet trucks, extraction and storage technologies and automatic guided-vehicle systems. While they do cater to clients who require customer-specific Rader-Vogel products, they generally mass produce large batches of their high quality wheels, rollers and press-on tyres, as well as their swivel and fixed castors.

Practically all of their 30,000-plus wheel and castor products are manufactured in Germany, with the company relying on Rader-Vogel distributors such as YB Components to ship their parts around the world.

Rader-Vogel Wheels

The range of Rader-Vogel wheels includes drive wheels which feature a fixed connection between the wheel and axle to stabilise the transmission from the engine through to the ground, while enabling reliable braking and acceleration. The simplicity of this Rader-Vogel drive wheel design negates the need for castors and provides plenty of additional options for borings and grooves as well as recesses for clamping kits.

As their name suggests, Rader-Vogel load wheels are mostly used for bearing loads. They cannot be accelerated, nor braked, but they can turn and have a continuous connection between the wheel and axle. While not absolutely necessary, it is recommended to build these load wheels on castors. There are also options with regard to which bearings can be used, with sliding bearings and roller bearings two of the popular options. The required bearing will often be determined by the exact application of the Rader-Vogel load wheels.

The Rader-Vogel guiding wheels will be mostly associated with applications such as cable guide rollers and side guide rollers. Their purpose is to guide machines as a whole or just certain cables, as well as being built to absorb the shocks and vibrations inherent in their application. The Rader-Vogel guiding wheels usually operate with a continuous connection between the wheel and axle.

Rader-Vogel Press-On Tyres

The Rader-Vogel press-on tyres feature cylindrical steel bands with diameters ranging from 100mm up to 920mm, with load capacities capable of reaching as much as 10 tonnes. The materials used for the tyre itself are elastomers with varying properties such as elasticity, wear and abrasion resistance, mechanical capabilities and dynamic load capacity.

Rader-Vogel Wheel and Tyre Materials

The standard Rader-Vogel tyre materials include VULKOLLAN which is a highly elastic, cross-linked polyurethane elastomer with excellent mechanical properties. This material, developed by polymer solutions giant Covestro, has a high dynamic load capacity, strong resistance to abrasions, as well as excellent tear propagation resistance.

Another of the standard materials often used for the press-on tyres has been developed by Rader-Vogel themselves and is called PEVODYN. It is a high-quality polyurethane elastomer which provides a significantly reduced starting and rolling resistance on top of a high dynamic load capacity.

There are many other materials used to create customer-specific press-on tyres and wheels, with all of the possible combinations available through Rader-Vogel distributors such as YB Components.

If you require any Rader-Vogel products such as the wheels or press-on tyres, then contact YB Components who can ship their parts all over the world.