The Importance of Bearings Lubrication

The financial cost of bearing failures can mount up pretty quickly if due care is not taken to ensure the necessary machinery components are operated as efficiently as possible. This means ensuring the critical points and bearings are well lubricated at all times, as one of the most common causes of bearing failures is a lack of adequate or appropriate lubrication. As well as ensuring the machinery’s critical points are well lubricated, it is important that the bearings receive adequate access to suitable lubricant or the operator can expect significant damage to their equipment very quickly after instigating the operational functions. In addition to the unnecessary damage a machine can suffer as a result of not being sufficiently lubricated, such […]

Global Gearbox Manufacture and Supply

Gearboxes and geared motors are some of the most popular industrial components shipped out by parts suppliers such as YB Components. At such specialist gearboxes supplier, companies around the world have access to the most popular brands as well as the lesser known and perhaps more single product-focused manufacturers. These lesser known companies might have a smaller catalogue, but often the products they specialise in will be of the highest quality. Gearboxes and Geared Motors With so many industrial applications for geared motors, it is no wonder gearbox suppliers are in such demand. A quick glance at the list of manufacturers whose catalogue of components is available to ship immediately reveals masters of the geared motor unit from all around […]

International Couplings Suppliers

YB Components have access to the best couplings manufacturers around the world. The selection of coupling designs is almost inexhaustible, so below we will take a brief look at just some of the coupling manufacturers available through the YB Components website. To see all of the available couplings manufacturers, visit the Couplings and Clutches section of the YB Components website. Desch Orpex Couplings The Orpex couplings by Desch are usually found being used with heavy drives because they are one of the most reliable machine components for extreme load weights. Their design means they are practically maintenance-free, eliminating downtime for repairs and other maintenance. They also have the ability to self-align during operation which enables them to create 100% reliable […]

Moving Heavy Machinery: Heavy Haulage Guide

Many industrial business operations involve the use of heavy machinery and other cargo often weighing many tonnes. Whether it is raw materials or the machinery itself, transporting the heavy cargo from one location to another can be a logistical nightmare. There are only really two options available, either buy the heavy transport vehicles that have the sufficient geared motor units for the task and move the cargo yourself, or hire a specialist haulage firm to do it for you. Heavy Haulage Problems Even if you opt to hire the services of a haulage company, there is still much to take care of to ensure the heavy goods are transported safely and securely. Undertaking a heavy haulage task without proper planning […]