Berges Variable Speed Pulleys

German manufacturer Berges have been consistently producing high power transmission variable speed pulleys for nearly two decades now. Even though the company is over ninety years old, the business only focused its attention on producing reliable speed drive technology since the turn of the millennium. It is fair to say they have certainly achieved their ambition of producing some of the most reliable and robust products on the market. Featuring enhanced torque capabilities, Berges’ variable speed pulleys are especially efficient at reducing the friction often produced by such operations using speed drives. Below we take a brief look at a sample of the Berges variable speed belt products available through YB Components. Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Pulley Technology Berges variable speed […]

PMI Linear Guideways: The MSB Series

The MSB Series of PMI linear bearing units are designed to achieve a finely balanced pre-load which enables the rigidity to be increased in four directions while still maintaining a low frictional resistance. It is this quality that ensures PMI-AMT products such as the MSB15SSSFCN linear guideway model are particularly suited both to high precision and any motions requiring high rigidity. MSB Series Ball Trains and Lubrication The ball trains of the MSB Series are specifically designed to a produce a contact angle of 45 degrees which is what helps them to bear equal loads either in radial or reversed radial directions. The 45 degree contact angle also allows for the bearing of equal loads in all lateral directions. PMI […]

Senotec Sensors Product Feature

Senotec Sensors are experts in the manufacture of switching amplifiers and filling level probes. They design and produce a wide range of task-specific products as well as many versatile and customisable options too. Here we take a focused look at a just a few of the top Senotec switching amplifiers and filling level probes available through YB Components. CLC40-SM8 Senotec Switching Amplifier The CLC40-SM8 is part of the CLC series which have been specifically designed for filling level probes that have been installed vertically, providing favourable application solutions for an otherwise awkward operation. The CLC amps are built into a strong aluminium housing, with the CLC40-SM8 switching amplifier coming equipped with a transparent cover with a visible LED display underneath. […]

Special Feature: PMI Linear Bearing Units – Part 2

The MSA Series is a category of linear guideways manufactured by PMI Linear Motion Systems (previously AMT-PMI Linear Bearings).  These particular linear guideways are renowned for achieving a balanced pre-load which helps increase their rigidity in four directions while crucially maintaining a low frictional resistance. The MSA Series such as the models described in greater detail below are particularly suited to operations requiring high precision and high rigidity. PMI Linear Guideway: MSA15SSSFCN  These particular models in the MSA Series feature a square flange, which has a smaller width than some of the other flange types that provides the option of it being installed at the top of the carriage. This linear ball bearing unit also features three seal types: one […]